Raise your hands (and your frying pan) if you love to cook like celebrity chef JP Anglo!
For those of you who are still trying to sharpen their kitchen skills, don’t fret. I’m about to share with you some news that’s best for your lazy bones.

Mood-Food Book

First, let’s start off with the news that a new coffee table book is about to launch called Mood-Food. This is a partnership between Russell Hobbs – UK’s leading small kitchen appliance brand – and Chef JP Anglo. Recipes in this book are easy to prepare with the help of Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances. No matter what skills you’ve got, advanced food lover but a beginning cook, you’d want to get yourself this Mood-Food book. Especially if you have a tight schedule and even tighter kitchen, a 20sqm. condominium for example, you’re gonna need this book and of course, small efficient appliances from Russell Hobbs.
Next, you might want to know what appliances will be useful to your small or big kitchen space. With the help and generosity of Chef JP Anglo, he welcome us to his kitchen in Sarsa and showed us how kitchen life is easier with Russell Hobbs.

Russell Hobbs Kitchen Appliances

Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer
Chef JP Anglo instantly prepared thinly-sliced Camote Chips, air-cooked by this Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer. According to him, always make sure you coat your chips or fries with oil, a few sprinkles will be fine, to make it crispy. Or else, it will turn soggy – unless you want that result.
 This fryer can also cook lechon manok or crispy lechon kawali.
Camote Chips with Chocolate Sauce
If I’m already living on my own, I would want to get myself this Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer and make french fries everyday!
Russell Hobbs Panini Maker
To make your sandwich at home, it gets better when you use Russell Hobbs Panini Maker. Let’s say you have leftovers like longganisa, Chef JP showed that you can easily grill them using the panini maker before inserting them in a sandwich. A few minutes could create perfect grill marks on any meat, steak perhaps. It just proves that one Russell Hobbs kitchen appliance can do more things than what its name calls it to be.
Open your fridge and grill your available bacon, spam, chicken or steak. I think it’s a brilliant tool to save time in cooking.
Longganisa Panini 
Russell Hobbs Hand Blender
Turn your plain tortilla chips to a party-style snack by making your own cheese dip. Using Russell Hobbs Hand Blender, just mix all ingredients in a jiffy. End texture relies on how you control the machine. By watching Chef JP, I think it’s easy to do it by yourself. Great for guys who’d love guests to play video games with them in their flat.
Grilled Bread with Roasted Pepper Cheese Dip
Russell Hobbs Blender
Reward yourself with Strawberry Yogurt Shake, same as what Chef JP made for us, if you believe summer is best with cooling shakes. Russell Hobbs Blender looked very sturdy and stylish, with its neon lights and suction feet to keep the blender on its surface.
Strawberry Yogurt Shake
Russell Hobbs Food Processor
Russell Hobbs Salt & Pepper Mill
Russell Hobbs Griller
Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker
Russell Hobbs Cordless Jug Kettle
Generally, I think Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances will change the way you normally function in your home. Its sleek, stylish and elegant design adds sophistication to your kitchen – small, medium or large in size.
Now, it’s your turn to cook using Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances and Mood-Food book.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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