During the last weekend of March, Globe Platinum gave a wonderful experience to healthy foodies in the metro by bringing The Gourmand Market. This was an event to look forward to, especially for those who have a taste for organic and fresh produce like me. 
If you’ve seen food markets in Madrid (Mercado San Miguel) and London (Borough Market), you’ll discern the familiarity at The Gourmand Market’s set-up. Fresh, unique and quality food finds in a tasteful and vibrant setting. 
I was a little early and took time to roam around before figuring out what to snack on. Since the weather was not cooperating, Mr. Sun was very visible, I stayed at Globe Platinum’s tent to check out the latest Samsung phones.  
Globe Platinum x Samsung
If there’s someone who spends time reading enthusiastically about technology, that’s O. Anything related to technology, I ask his best geeky advices. At the event, we were both eager to play with Globe Platinum’s exclusive Samsung Galaxy edge phones – Samsung S6 Edge and Samsung Note 4 Edge – but it was really him who has a higher level of knowledge on determining the pros and cons of the phone. 
I find Samsung Edge sleek, sophisticated and edgy (literally and figuratively). It’s an out-of-the-box design as to other smart phones and phablets. 
It was convenient for visitors who would want to order their Samsung phones right on the spot. Orders for the Note Edge and pre-orders for the S6 and S6 Edge on the Platinum Lifestyle Plan 4999 could be processed during the event at the Globe Platinum booth

The Gourmand Market

When the heat wasn’t too irritating anymore, causing sweat in every step, O and I explored more what The Gourmand Market offered to city foodies. 
The Gourmand Market pooled together delightful food merchants, carefully chosen ingredients from top chef talents and artisan merchants who showcased their specialties.

Salcedo Market loyal customers might be familiar with other participating merchants. 

 At any gourmet market, fresh and organic vegetables should never be out of the picture. It’s something to expect, and what I expected. 
I saw my college friend Lexi who sold interesting and tasty Kale chips from Take Root. 
I super love the chips, sour cream flavor specifically! It’s one of the unique and addicting finds at the market. 
Familiar faces like L.E.S. Bagels and The Fruit Garden were present in their own booths. 
 Spotted Seacharon and Chichashroom in a bag. 
Then of course, what you need the most at any open markets are cold refreshments. 
The Gourmand Market and Globe Platinum did a fantastic job organizing this rustic and laidback market. One thing is obvious, the metro stepped up in showcasing our country can offer products that are world class. Even foreigners around the area loved the distinct vibe at The Gourmand Market.
Could this be a monthly event at BGC? Pretty please. Yes, I’m hoping and begging! 
What do you think of The Gourmand Market and Globe Platinum’s new Samsung phones?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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