Everyone expected the Saturday bloody traffic for Valentine’s day. I didn’t worry too much knowing my dad initially planned our family dinner at home. Plus, I was stuck in school (UP Diliman) the whole day anyway. I was out at 5pm and was expecting to be picked up on time to be right on time for our family dinner at home. 2 hours of waiting before my parents finally found their way to my school building. As usual, plans got interrupted by some chain of events and scratched off our initial plan to dine at home. I found out our dinner was moved to Edsa Shangri-la Hotel instead.
While on the road to the hotel, I was a little irritated with O. Nope, not having my PMS that night. Just being emotional for not receiving any flowers. (Big deal! Haha!) Plans were a little spontaneous for both sides, his family and my family. So I was really apprehensive if I was going to see him or not. Oh, and back to the flowers issue. I sent him a text about not receiving any flowers. I was quite frank with my emotions and told him I felt bad I didn’t get any flowers from him. From one of our exchange of texts, my female emotions led me to comparing him from other guys who gave me flowers. Ooooh, I know it got worse right there! I was in that state of being emotionally high during Valentine’s night. Our texts to each other made me so pissed after concluding he didn’t think giving me flowers was important. My mood went from perky to gloomy.
Together with my family, we reached Edsa Shangri-la Hotel and stayed at the Lobby Lounge. Still, irritated while texting O my whereabouts. Then after not replying to me…
This man arrived!
…carrying a bouquet of huge imported pink/orange roses (my favorite colors) wrapped in red velvet cloth. So classy!
He purposely pissed me off and planned everything to surprise me. Hay nako!
I found out he was already in Edsa Shangri-la before we even arrived. Mom was coordinating with O to fix our reservation at the hotel. Oh this guy got me! I was a little embarrassed for my childlike reactions through our messages. At the same time, my mood jumped to extremely cheery.
I realized, it’s not about the flowers. Really! The issue is not about the flowers, but about valuing relationships. I wasn’t depressed because he didn’t bring me flowers. It was more of my thoughts and feelings being assured of how he values our relationship on a public man-made holiday.
Confirmed, this man values our relationship more than what I imagined. Each time he shows his love through actions, my response is always to thank God for O and ask God to teach me to become a more loving woman. 🙂
 On another note, it’s time to show you how we celebrated Valentine’s Day dinner with my family.

The Ambiance:

“Amor Latino,” Edsa Shangri-la theme to celebrate Valentine’s at the Lobby Lounge. All throughout the night, we watched world-class performers like Ednah Ledesma dance their elastic moves on the dance floor.
Each move was fabulous and fantastic! You gotta give them loud round of applause for their risky latino moves.
Even if we were late, we still had a nice view watching the performers from our seats.

The Food:

Only 1 menu for our 4-course dinner.
Norwegian Salmon Nicoise with Lemon Dressing
Rate: 4/5
A rejuvenating and satisfying starter – Norwegian salmon nicoise with lemon dressing. Pieces of vegetables surrounding one elongated piece of salmon. Its plating made it easier to pick up using a fork while watching Ednah Ledesma dance.
Slow cooked US Beef Tenderloin
Rate: 4/5
Thick US beef tenderloin requires a little extra effort in slicing slowly. I have nothing against how the beef was coated and cooked, it was just the thick medium-cooked slice that bothered me a little. I was hoping it was cooked medium-rare. Partly, my bad for not telling them. Or wait, did they ask? As my fork and knife met the core of the beef tenderloin, my appetite gently became more full.
Dessert Cake
Rate: 4/5
Mille-feuille of caramelized shortbread, strawberry curd, chocolate mousse, vanilla seed ice cream. A remarkable dessert ended our Valentine’s dinner. In harmony with the dance performances, both the dessert and the show deserve louder claps than earlier round of applause.

Toast to Edsa Shangri-la for an evening of spectacular show and food! Every member of our family appreciated the night. We know we chose the right place for Valentine’s day.

My Valentine’s Day post might be late but I suppose it’s still worth sharing – especially our #jilliver flower story.
Hoping you’re all enjoying your lovely weekend, foodies! 🙂
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