When we find our passion, it’s difficult for us to be blocked and blinded by other things. When the passion reveals itself, there’s no other way but to follow where passion leads you. I’m speaking as a passionate woman in the area of food. I stay up all day reading and writing about food. But then, I’m not the topic here. There’s one man who is passionate about one thing – ice cream. Kelvin Ngo is the man behind the artisan ice cream brand, Merry Moo. How can I say this man is on that level of being passionate? Well, he doesn’t have to tell me. Merry Moo ice cream products alone could speak for this man. 
I’ve never found a Merry Moo ice cream flavor that failed me. Oooohh, strong words! Well yes, that’s for me. I’ve been a fan of their ice cream flavors since I tried it at weekend markets. One of my favorites back then was Horlicks. Every time I spot a small familiar stall of Merry Moo, the eager me would walk to check out the flavors and find interesting ones that would catch my attention. From all the flavors I bought from weekend markets, Horlicks and Sea Salt Caramel became popular to my taste buds.  
As Merry Moo grows, its flavors evolve simultaneously. Recently, I was introduced to some of their new flavors, which instantly became part of my favorite list. 
Sea Salt Caramel
A classic standout flavor from Merry Moo’s epicurious ice cream selections. I thought I was over with salted caramel, but a scoop of Merry Moo’s own Sea Salt Caramel still creates excitement over me. My sister Reine asked me to get her share of this flavor, meaning the whole pint all for her. Haha! 
My new found love from Merry Moo, it’s the Scandalously Chocolate ice cream! After posting this photo on instagram and twitter, I found out that the chocolate used was by Davao’s Malagos chocolates. All ingredients are local and fantastic. Truly local products like Malagos will make you proud being pinoy after tasting its world class creation now merged into an ice cream flavor. 
To accessorize Merry Moo ice cream flavors for house parties, you could use available marshmallows, chocolate balls, corn flakes and the like. Be prepared to answer questions from your guests about the name of that ice cream brand you served them. 
To discover more flavors from Merry Moo, visit their facebook page.

Have you tried any Merry Moo ice cream flavor?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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