More than green tea, steak (medium rare please) and french fries, I figured my other weakness is chicken. 
Weeks before our scheduled Greenfield Food Crawl, O and I did our ‘food scouting’ for our typical date nights. One rule I told him, “let’s try something new!” Whenever he asks me where to eat, I’d usually leave that statement, except the days I’m craving for something else. But the norm is, I will raise my hand for new restaurants to drive to. To cut things short, we chose to dine at Brown’s Gourmet Chicken with the sign “soft opening” by the door.
Only selected items that O and I could finish that night. What’s funny for my experience is, during Greenfield’s Food Crawl, which happened after weeks, I went back to Brown’s Gourmet Chicken tasting the exact dishes I ordered with O. I was hoping to taste other items I didn’t order but I guess I was destined for their best-sellers.

The Food:

Lemon + Basil Salad + Caramelized Pear (Php 140)
Rate: 4/5
Including salad to our roll of orders just adds less guilt to our conscience. The odd-looking combination of lemon plus basil and caramelized pear summed up to prettified version of salad. From start to end, we didn’t struggle leaving the bowl empty from our satisfaction.
Smoked Fish + Olives Omm Rice (Php 155)
Rate: 4/5
With Brown’s charming and rustic interior, breakfast meals on the menu fits the vibe as a whole. Omm rice or omelette rice happens to be one of Brown’s specialities. From a number of omm selections, Smoked Fish + Olives caught my attention more. As I imagined it to be, the saltiness of smoked fish complemented the mild tone of scrambled egg. Olives were visible but wasn’t remarkable in its presence alone. Combining all pieces together, I had my right kind of breakfast for dinner.
Roasted Chicken
1/4 Chicken + Rice (Php 115)
1/4 Chicken + Rice + 1 Side (Php 140)
1/2 Chicken + 1 Rice + 2 Sides (Php 249)
1 Whole Chicken + 4 Rice + 4 Sides (Php 549)
Rate: 5/5
There’s always joy with chicken around me. No, I’m not a “chicken,” if you talk about the word in other ways, but I will always have a heart for edible chickens harmonizing my meal any time of day. No wonder it’s easy for O and I to agree on getting ourselves Brown’s special Roasted Chicken. We weren’t aware it was Brown’s specialty until we sliced and diced it in our mouths.
Roasted gourmet chicken awakened us with its versatile spices that’s truly mouthwatering. The concept of Brown’s homecooking comfort food experience highlights on their gourmet chicken that stayed humble with its affordable price. A “chicken-ist” (inventing words here, Haha!) like me wouldn’t have second thoughts on going back to Brown’s.
Few words to describe my total experience, “I’m recommending Brown’s Gourmet Chicken to you.”

The Menu:

One thing to notice about Brown’s menu, its side by side price doesn’t hurt the pocket.

The Ambiance:

Brown’s preserves its homey atmosphere together with its homecooking meals. High ceiling and tall windows to absorb the light a photographer needs. The colors of brown and black with quirky wall displays basically rounds up the whole look of the 2-storey restaurant.

View from the 2nd floor

Brown’s used to be located at Greenhills Town Center but now found its new and permanent address at Greenfield. I’m looking forward to more branches for this gem of Greenfield.

Have you visited Brown’s Gourmet Chicken at Greenfield District?

Share with me your thoughts foodie! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: The Hub, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00AM-10:00PM
Contact: (+632) 632-9177
Budget: PHP150++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 9/10