A hearbreaking story from my friend and also the pet owner, Karen Balce:
“My mom has been taking Tyler (the dog) to The Dog Spa & Hotel for his weekly grooming for roughly around a year so she took Tyler there again last January 8, 2015. As a protocol, they would text my mom once Tyler is done and ready for pick-up; she was doing her grocery then and so she was only able to go back to the groomers 30 mins later. When she got to the groomers, she of course asked the receptionist how Tyler was, she then told my mom that he kept on barking and crying maybe because he was the only dog and was lonely, which later we realized that he must have been barking for help as he was struggling. It took awhile before the groomer came back from the grooming room and when he did the only words he uttered were “Ma’am, may nangyari po kay Tyler” (something happened to Tyler) my mom then rushed inside to see Tyler dead on a table on a leash.
Tyler has never been placed on a leash, he is truly a behaved dog who barks only when he needs something and he was afraid of heights. The groomer then explained that he somehow fell or jumped from the table he was placed on after he was groomed, on a leash and was left alone.
Therefore, the groomer only found out that Tyler struggled and was strangled to death 30 minutes later when my mom was trying to pick him up. My mom outraged rushed Tyler on a nearby vet only to be announced that he was indeed dead on arrival. My mom called me up sobbing so much and asked me to rush home before we cremate Tyler.
When I got home, I found my mom crushed and weeping beside Tyler’s bed carrying him like a baby. I did not know what to do, except find a place where we can bury Tyler and have him cremated. We found a place in Silang, Cavite that can cremate him that night. It was the worst ride of my life, driving your dead brother (as I treated him like he was indeed a brother) beside your mom who just can’t stop crying. The hardest part was letting go of him, we just cried the whole time till the whole process was over. It was such a long draining night for us and till now remembering that day and night is a nightmare to my mom and me.
I never wanted to have my own pet, and I am not a fan of dogs but Tyler somehow was different. He doesn’t bite, he actually doesn’t think he’s a dog since my mom treated him like a baby. He knew where to pee and poo, he knew where he should eat, he knew what time he needed to wake me up, he even knew when I’m home and just parked my car. He loved stuff animals, and so he had the complete set of Sesame Street among his other collection of toys. He wasn’t allowed to get dirty, so no walks for him but he did have a stroller that we pushed everytime we would take him out. He had routines with me and my mom (which we miss everyday). He liked to be greeted every time we arrive at home, even visitors need to greet him as he will be waggling his tail with excitement. Four years with him is extremely short, for such a healthy happy dog as Tyler, we thought we would keep him for almost a lifetime.
His birthday was a few days before mine so I would always get jealous with his birthday parties as my mom wouldn’t throw me one. He was everyone’s favorite, probably why we are receiving never-ending condolences from family and friends. Tyler was truly my mom’s youngest kid, his death has caused so much pain for my mom as she hasn’t stopped grieving and mourning since the incident.
Family for me was my mom and Tyler (my dad lives abroad), our small family just got smaller. To lose a loved one is hard, but to lose them to a painful death, in our case as Tyler died struggling, is the hardest to accept. It replays in our head every idle time and how we cared for him for four years only to lose him due to the negligence of a groomer.
We pray everyday that justice may be served as Tyler deserves it and may this be a lesson to everyone to choose the right groomers for your beloved pets, as The Dog Spa & Hotel did not carry their promise to care for ours.”
My take on this?
Truly heartbreaking! 🙁 The dog didn’t die in anybody’s arms. Instead, it died in a “specialist’s” center, at The Dog Spa & Hotel specifically. I mean, the daycare had only 1 dog to “take care” of. And that happened? Serious tears are flowing while reading Tyler’s story over and over again. I couldn’t imagine myself in Karen’s position right now. Just painful. 🙁
I hope this story serves as an awareness to all pet owners and dog lovers like me.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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