Following the footsteps of being a cake designer? I haven’t thought of that. Not even crossed my mind to spend hours in the baking room to design a cake. Full disclosure, I’ve never dared myself to design a cake nor join a contest for a cake decorating contest.
Goldilocks gave me that opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and join a Christmas cake decorating contest. With the theme of showing off the meaning of Christmas in the cake design, it took days to finally come up with a design to pursue. Since I’m not an expert in this field, I sought counsel from O and his achi, who’s more knowledgable in this field. I won’t deny that I asked my family and friends around to finally decide on my final piece.

Goldilocks Decorate Your Christmas Cake

For Goldilocks Decorate Your Christmas activity, Goldilocks provided a complete array of Christmas Decorate-Your-Cake kits – one plain vanilla chiffon cake, colorful icings and assorted ornaments.
The Criteria:
Creativity – 30%
Use of Materials – 30%
Focused Theme – 30%
Social Media Footprint & Impact – 10%
There was no need of using other decorative pieces since Goldilocks provided a complete set, with a variety of options on how to come up with a Christmas-themed cake design.
First, we had to lay all decorative pieces on the glass table to organize its proper place when we’re about to stick them all on our plain vanilla cake. For its draft, we used a round-shaped styrofoam to get a clear picture on how its final look will appear. After its mock design, I carefully picked the design pieces one by one and affixed on our Goldilocks chiffon cake.
Santino, O’s 3-year old nephew, kept us company while we were busy prepping up the floral frame of the cake.
After meticulously attaching all pieces together, our “love-themed” Christmas cake was born.

“Give Love on Christmas Day” Cake

“Let LOVE be your highest goal this Christmas.
Give LOVE. Share LOVE.
My designed #GoldilocksDYChristmas Cake is basically centered on the most important action word, applicable to all seasons of life… LOVE.
I hope this cake reminds you of sharing the spirit of LOVE this Christmas season.”
That’s the long caption of the photo I submitted to Goldilocks.

The good news I didn’t expect here is..

My “Give Love on Christmas Day” cake won 2nd place!!!

Amazeballs!!! 🙂

Thank you Goldilocks for appreciating this cake.

I hope the spirit of love filled your homes last Christmas.
Now, I greet you, Happy New Year! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your long vacation!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout