Coming up with a simple gourmet breakfast happened to be easy with the new artisan tuyo (dried fish) made by eHarvest Corp. I recently discovered. In our family, it’s only dad who gets fascinated when a plate of tuyo is served for breakfast. The late bloomer in me started a couple years ago to slowly appreciate dried fish.
When dad saw three unopened bottles of eHarvest Artisanal Tuyo displayed in the kitchen, he couldn’t hide his face of excitement. I had to be the villain in that scene, trying to stop him from opening the bottle since I haven’t taken any photos of the new gourmet tuyo yet. Oops!
My first idea of enjoying eHarvest Artisanal Tuyo was to look for available plain crackers in our home. While sitting at the dining area, I suddenly remembered the pantry had packs of pasta (of different shapes). Plans changed and I decided to come up with a pasta recipe using eHarvest Artisanal Tuyo.

All made with dried boneless herring, soya oil, vinegar and spices.
There are three (3) ready-made flavors – Not Spicy at All, Spicy Mild and Spicy Hot.
From the 3 flavors, I anticipated Spicy Mild Tuyo fit for my taste. Inclined on the piquant side but still embracing the real flavors of tuyo.
 In every scoop I make from the bottle, I would get long and meaty pieces of boneless fish in similar sizes. The first pinch I had was difficult. I mean, I found it difficult to refuse the following pieces of fish I caught. Nope, the taste isn’t predictable as you think. eHarvest just showed me an upgrade of munching tuyo, which I totally loved.
An easy-to-prepare dish with two basic ingredients needed, pasta and eHarvest Artisanal Tuyo. Honestly, I didn’t have to add too much seasoning to get the flavor I was looking for.
If you think tuyo is a staple food in your home, I’m sure you are thinking of more recipes to play with this artisan tuyo. Steaming garlic rice, sunny sideup egg and eHarvest Artisanal Tuyo, the immediate winning combo for breakfast, is another suggestion I could give you.
What do you think of eHarvest Artisanal Tuyo?
Share with me your thoughts, foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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