I feel like the Christmas breezy air has some kind of potion that requires me to eat whatever I see on the table. May it be appetizer, main course and you know it, desserts, I couldn’t refuse to halt. Do you feel the same way? With family and friends around, controlling what I eat was a hard task during the holiday season.  That’s why cleaning up my teeth turns critical with the amount of food intake during the holiday feast. When I brush up my teeth before I go to bed, I would always feel that tingling “tinga.” Or, what’s described as food particles caught in between our teeth.
What a gigantic sipit! 
New Year’s Eve celebration was a feast of seafood. My personal favorite was mom’s labor of love as she kept the kitchen busy with her King Crabs cooked in 3 sauces – spicy, garlic and aligue (crab fat). No doubt, tiny particles of seafood were stuck in between my teeth. It was a toothbrushing session with extra effort to take off all the ‘tinga.’

Colgate SlimSoft Dual Action

Honestly, before discovering Colgate’s newest innovation, I feel that toothbrushes from popular brands are almost similar to each other. There might be differences with its own features, but it isn’t a big deal in brushing. As long as the brand is trusted, and I know how to brush my teeth well, then what I normally get from X, Y or Z brands are all good to me.
For the first time, I had myself the chance to use Colgate Slimsoft Dual Action to clean up my teeth. Nothing exciting. It’s just toothbrush. I couldn’t compare it to my excitement in trying a new matcha / green tea snack.
I was quick to judge. Mistakenly accused Colgate SlimSoft toothbrush to be part of an ordinary family. Really, what I ate last New Year’s Eve drove me to open the box of Colgate Slimsoft hanging in my room. So when I finally used one brush and swept the bristles up and down, I couldn’t believe it sanitized up my teeth effortlessly.

What makes Colgate SlimSoft unique?

The Colgate Slim Soft toothbrush range is designed with <0.01mm slim tip bristles to easily clean in between teeth and along the gum line, providing deep yet gentle cleaning.
The newest innovation Colgate® Slim Soft™ Dual Actiontoothbrush has unique <0.01mm slim tip bristles that gently clean deep between teeth and even along the gum line, while polishing spiral bristles help remove stains from the surface of the teeth. The combination of spiral and slim tip bristles provide a dual action of deep gentle + superior stain removal unique to every Colgate Slim Soft Dual Action Toothbrush.
Php 99
A single pack costs Php 99 (SRP).
Include using Colgate SlimSoft Dual Action as one of your life hacks. In my opinion, brushing teeth was made easier by using sexy slim bristles to touch hiding particles in between teeth.
The brushes lying down may look ordinary in photos. But once you give yourself a dental cleaning using these Colgate toothbrushes, your perspective changes in a snap.
Have you tried Colgate SlimSoft Dual Action?
Don’t worry. I’ll be giving away Colgate gift packs soon! Just stay tuned!
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