Slowly but surely, I’m beginning to appreciate make-up but not as much as I’m obsessed with skin care products. For the past few weeks, my calendar has been clogged with food events and tapings, which require me to be more than just presentable but also telegenic. Visiting the salon for hair and make-up had been the first call of action in my mind when I was required to go on stage for competitions or performances during my younger years. Now I’m grown up, smarter I believe, I have to be smarter in spending my money and using my resources as well. Resources, I meant the make-up sets I have sitting by my giant dresser and mirror.
Meet the newest set of make-up sitting around my room, Enhance Cosmetics Brush and Blush set.

Enhance Cosmetics Blush and Brush Set

Enhance Cosmetics helped me enhance my beauty by offering colorful and practical eye, lip, and face cosmetics.
Tangerine Collection Palette
10 Colors in one set is too pretty to mess up. The professional Tangerine Blush Palette looks exciting to use. A beautiful bouquet of hues, from plush peaches and jazzy pinks to intense reds, blooms in both creamy mattes and iridescent shimmers. Choose your mood, depending on what your #OOTD is.
10 Pcs. Brush Set (Php 750)
The shade of red reflects a strong and confident woman. I chose this 10pcs. Red Brush Set to remind me and empower me while dabbing some make-up and enhancing my features. The brush set includes 10 pieces of different make-up brushes. Everything you need in one chic red pouch.

Why I love Enhance Cosmetics?

I’ll give you 4 reasons that made me love Enhance Cosmetics.
1. Practical 
Rather than buying shades of blush palettes one shade at a time, Enhance offered me an option to get the colors I need and want in one set.
I’d say its practicality is also attached to the fact that this Tangerine Collection Palette I’m holding can also be use as a Contour Palette with the dark hues of it.
2. Skin Friendly 
So far so good, it didn’t harm my dry and sensitive skin. I normally acuire red marks or rashes on my face after using incompatible beauty products. I’ve used Enhance blush palette several times during my events and there wasn’t any irritation at all.

Our skin types differ from each other. I cannot assure that the products compatible to me will be compatible to your type of skin as well. The best thing to do is test, observe and see for yourself.
3. Portable 
Carry your 10-pc brush set in one trendy pouch. If you need a re-touch, you may choose to carry your handy-dandy brush set around with its deceiving pretty look.
10pcs. Brush Set
4. Efficient Customer Service
Talk to the friendly ladies behind Enhance Cosmetics today and they’ll deliver the products as soon as possible. In my case, I talked to them one day, the next day, the package was already in front of my gate.


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