Chinoy, pinoy, “Amboy”, whatever your race is, you’re all invited to turn on your TV and watch this mouthwatering episode of Chinoy TV.
You may be clueless what Chinoy TV is. For those who grew up in the internet generation, I get that you rarely look for the remote control and sit like a couch potato. The convenience of using your mobile phones or laptops could divert your attention to interesting websites, blogs, Youtube channel or downloadable movies and TV series. I get it. I feel the same way too. My electricity bill is consumed more by my laptop and iPhone than the television. For everyone’s sake, here’s a brief information what Chinoy TV is basically about.

Chinoy TV

“ChinoyTV is a 60-minute lifestyle magazine show that tackles various topics on Filipino-Chinese lifestyle. It features people, events, sports, fashion, food and other interesting items that cater not only to Chinoy viewers but to Filipinos and Chinese Culture enthusiasts as well. The show tackles up to date information about the latest news and events within the community.” -Chinoy TV Press

Now you get it, I get it, we’re on the same boat.
For the newest season (15) starting October 5 (Sunday), I’ll be joining the energetic Jayson Kiong and one of the nicest foodies I know Yedy of on a food and road trip around Banawe to spot the hottest Chinese restaurants for Chinoy Charts segment. Walking burns more calories but we opt for a smoother road trip through our elegant ride care of Volvo. Thank you Volvo for keeping us in style as we explore Banawe Quezon City.
A casual and cool restaurant hopping affair didn’t require me to go overboard with my outfit and make-up. I stayed plain, clean but still chic. I hope this look worked out on screen.

First Stop: Lucky Rainbow Shark’s Fin & Seafood Restaurant

2nd floor, Z-Square Mall, Banawe street cor. Del Monte Ave, Quezon City
On our first roll of film, we checked out our luck at the wide seafood restaurant at Z-Square Mall, Lucky Rainbow Shark’s Fin & Seafood Restaurant. From the entrance, we discerned the classy mood with its romantic chandeliers, interiors and table set-up.
With Yedy and Jayson
Our first meal of the day made our eyes sparkle as we watched the Chinese dishes eye to eye.
I didn’t mind the cameras watch me eat. As long as food keeps me company, I’m 100% ok.
Lechon Macau
The apple of our eye was the tender and crunchy Lechon Macau. But I suggest you watch the entire episode of our Banawe Food Trip to see more of the dishes we murdered.
Energies were at its peak as we prepared for our next restaurant stop.

Second Stop: Mandarin Sky Seafood and Shabu Shabu Restaurant

478 Banawe Corner Simoun St, Quezon City

Using our Volvo ride, we traveled smoothly to our second stop, Mandarin Sky Seafood and Shabu Shabu Restaurant.

Oh my! Do I look like a spoiled brat? Mandarin Sky fed us like royalty with loads of their kitchen specialties. After hearing from the manager that what they served us were their best-sellers, now
I couldn’t decide which plate to begin my Mandarin Sky journey. I was in a state of muddling.
Even Jayson stared blankly on the dishes, puzzled with how we could finish everything.
Laway Chicken
To be honest, choosing my favorite from that restaurant was a tough one. I had to get back at every dish over and over. Every dish distinctly impressed me but one dish stood out, the taste and the name itself, Laway Chicken. I will never forget Mandarin Sky for letting me try their Laway Chicken. Sounds gross? Haha! Seriously… it’s a must-try!
Stuffing afternoon delight from Mandarin Sky yet I can’t let my full appetite defeat me. My soldier taste-buds were still ready for more food!

Third Stop: King Chef Dimsum Kitchen

2/F Banawe 238 Center Banawe cor. Panalturan Street, Quezon City
Last stop, we tried to go on a lighter mood and chose to hang out with dim sum plates on our table. The bright and casual ambiance of King Chef Dimsum Kitchen looked like an ideal place for afternoon merienda (snacks) or even late night snack cravings. The success of King Chef in Banawe urged the owner Marites to open a separate place for dim sum alone. Now, there are two (2) King Chef spots, one for fine dining and one that’s more casual specifically for dim sum and light snacks.
We thought dim sum is equivalent to a light meal. Our thoughts were shattered when they served us more than 10 dim sum and dishes to taste. Wow!! That’s what you call real food trip!
That’s a wrap for Chinoy Charts on Chinoy TV!
Please don’t forget to watch us on Chinoy TV!!! 🙂

Do you have your favorite Chinese restaurant in Banawe?
Watch Chinoy TV and share with me your thoughts foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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