Look mom, I’m on TV again! This time as a guest on Curiosity Got The Chef.
For the curious who doesn’t even have a hint what this show is all about, Curiosity Got The Chef is Lifestyle Channel’s hip cooking show hosted by the quirky chef Sharwin Tee. Please tell me you’ve read my post about Quirky Bacon because this dude rules over that porky restaurant.

Curiosity Got The Chef invited me with 3 other food writers – Bea Acosta, Richie Zamora and Cheryl Tiu. Chef Sharwin first asked us what our ultimate comfort food is. After getting our answers, the creative quirky chef re-created our chosen comfort dishes and surprised us with his fantastic creation.

I took the courage to do my own clean-looking make-up but forgot to play around with my hair. My long straight hair normally obeys to stay still throughout the day so I didn’t bother curling it up anymore.

Before showing my fixed-up face in front of the camera, I passed by the make-up corner and met Ate My, resident hair and make-up artist of Culture Shock Productions. With her help, my hair became more “maarte” or let’s say more stylish than my usual long straight hair.
The real game began when I turned my side to the real set of Curiosity Got the Chef. I’ve been guesting on various tv shows but for some reason, my heartbeat was pumping faster that time. I guess my nerves triggered when all eyes were on me at the set.
That white chair with thin legs was where I sat during my interview.
Test shots before I sit in front of the camera’s lens.
My nervousness disappeared like a bubble when Dianne started interviewing me. I thought I was just sitting in a restaurant talking to a friend about my comfort food, only the lights were too white and a huge camera lens was staring at me.
Meatball-Stuffed Tomatoes
The best part about my TV guesting was this – the eating portion!
My ultimate comfort food would be Spaghetti with Meatballs and lots of Tomatoes. Yep, emphasizing on the lots of tomatoes part. Chef Sharwin re-constructed my comfort food by focusing on ingredients I care most about, meatballs and of course, tomatoes!
I couldn’t teach you how Chef Sharwin made me smile that day so you gotta watch us on Lifestyle Network.

Curiosity Got The Chef Schedule:

Monday – 8:30pm
Tuesday – 11:30am
Wednesday – 8:30am & 6:00pm
Saturday – 6:30pm
Sunday – 11:30am
With Chef Sharwin and Bea of Click The City
Photo from Chef Sharwin 
Thank you to the team of Curiosity Got The Chef especially Chef Sharwin! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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