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Rizal Resorts

The famous Pop Talk question is — Are they Pop or Flop?
For those who are unaware, those who would rather grab a book than watch local television,
Pop Talk is a lifestyle show that aims to showcase the best of Filipino culture, updating audiences the hippest restaurants to visit, foods to try, gadgets to get, music to listen to and many manay more. Pop Talk already proved itself by winning the “Best Adult Educational Program” in the 2013 Catholic Mass Media Awards. If you’re into the trends of the Philippines, Pop Talk is the weekly show to watch.
Last April 26, 2014, I, together with celebrity LJ Reyes, Noel Comia Jr., Noel Comia Sr. and of course, the lively Tonipet Gaba, searched for the Pop resorts located in Rizal.
Hooray for The Food Scout being a Pop Talk reviewer once again! I remember, the last time I reviewed was last year’s LRT 2 episode. We had to visit 3 Pop restaurants near LRT 2 stations. That was one foodie trip I can’t forget! This April, a brand new adventure for me as I toured with Pop Talk team as a travel & food blogger.
3 Resorts we reviewed:
1) Noah’s Park
2) Green Nature Resort & Leisure Park
3) Momarco Resort
If you’ve seen our summer Rizal resorts episode, you’d know out of the 3 resorts we visited, Momarco Resort got most of the Pop points. Pop na Pop talaga ang Momarco Resort sa Tanay, Rizal!
Once again, I’m very thankful to GMANews TV for giving me another opportunity to be part of Pop Talk’s adventure. One day of going around places with the team is like a whole week of fun for me.
It was a pleasure working with GMA’s starstruck survivor, LJ Reyes.
I also worked with the theater child actor and commercial model, Noel Comia Jr. He was my date during the entire shoot. We kinda clicked with our conversations about music and theater. Haha!
I want to express my gratitude to all my readers. You guys are the best! I just want to hug each of you and shake your hand to say THANK YOU!
Thank you foodies! Without your time and effort to check out The Food Scout, I won’t be able to be who I am right now. Thank you for your support. (Kinda cheesy right now!) Hehe. 🙂
With LJ Reyes and son Aki
My Pop Talk favorites – Jane & Tonipet Gaba
I hope you were able to watch our Pop Talk episode last April 26, 2014. 🙂
For those who weren’t able to catch our Rizal Resorts episode, I understand how hectic your schedule is. Hehe. Just for you, I’ll be posting the video soon!
Stay tuned and keep on visiting The Food Scout! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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