The most-awaited month of beer drinkers is coming.
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila graces the month of October by celebrating Oktoberfest the authentic German way. On October 17 and 18, Sofitel guarantees a festive of singing and dancing with all the German artists and musicians playing along. Happening at the Harbor Grand Tent, Sofitel invites you to join the fun and experience how Germans celebrate the real Oktoberfest.
Now you may ask, so how do Germans celebrate Oktoberfest?
Early this September, Sofitel took me to a sneak peek on how Germans normally celebrate this annual festival.
From the parking lot, I walked all the way to the Harbor Garden Tent by the bay. Minutes after entering the tent, the strong rain surprisingly poured down. It was terribly strong. I could see from the inside the waves from the sea fuming mad. Luckily, I was just on time. 
We were given these Bavarian-style hats made of felt. To feel the real celebration, I had a feel of Oktoberfest through wearing the traditional hat. 
What is Oktoberfest without beer? 
The traditional Oktoberfest table with tall beer mugs and refillable beer container  showed that beer is the center of attention every Oktoberfest. The Harbor Tent itself was converted into an authentic Biergärten or beer garden.
Fact: On October 12, 1810, the very first Oktoberfest took place when Bavarian Crown Prince Louis (King Louis I) married Princess Therese von Saschsen-Hildburghausen. The citizens of Munich were invited to this festive celebration in front of the city gates. The magnifique festival with over 40,000 revelers had a blast. Since then, Oktoberfest became the world’s largest funfair held annually in Munich, Germany. 
German Club Manila
In Manila, German-Filipino community mirrors the celebration at Sofitel. And for the next four years, Sofitel will be the home of Oktoberfest as they promote camaraderie among Filipinos and Germans. 
German Club Manila toasts to open Oktoberfest! Or shall I say, Prost! 
The germans know how to have fun! Talk about fun, Oktoberfest isn’t purely about holding a beer mug with you all throughout. We poured out our energy as we sang and danced to the beat of German Oktoberfest music
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Oktoberfest Menu:

After dropping our energy, the next main event loaded us with sumptuous Bavarian spread from fresh laugen rolls, roasted pork knuckles, grilled German sausages, pastries and more.
To complete the whole Oktoberfest experience, cap off the night at Sofitel’s relaxing rooms with special Oktoberfest room packages.

Ticket Price:

Non members – Php3,300
Member – Php3,200
Groups starting from 20-40 people – Php3,250
Yen and Chuckie
Do you want to celebrate Oktoberfest the German way?
Join the most authentic German beer festival in the Philippines this coming October 17 and 18! 
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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