Bonjour! From Paris to Manila, Sofitel Manila flew in the renowned Cheese Master Gerard Poulard to celebrate Sofitel’s French heritage culminating during Bastile Day.
Sofitel Philippine Plaza showed us over 100 premium and artisanal cheeses sourced from different high quality farms all over France. Let’s say 101 cheeses to be exact. 🙂
To quote Adam Laker, the general manager of Sofitel, this is what he said, “It is with pride that we bring 101 types of never before tasted artisanal cheese from France in time for the upcoming Bastile Day celebrations. It is a fitting tribute to the celebration of the Sofitel’s role as Ambassador of French gastronomy, being the only French luxury hotel brand. Cheese is part of the core of a French man’s DNA.” He even quoted Charles de Gaulle the famous former French President and hero, “Comment voulez-vous gouverner un pays ou l existe 258 varietes de fromage?” This means, “How can you govern a country where there are 258 different types of cheese?” 
In Sofitel Manila, they introduce cheese as their star. A staple in the French diet and among the elements that define a true French man’s heart and soul to the Filipinos.
Maitre Fromagier (Cheese Master) Gerard Poulard has become internationally renowned for his collection of fine cheeses and is sought after by gourmands and fine dining restaurants around the world. Because of his knowledge and expertise in cheese, he received numerous prestigious awards.
During my encounter with Gerard Poulard, the first question I asked him was, “What’s the most expensive cheese on this table?” Any guess???
Later, I’ll show you which one.
I was late, more than an hour late. But that didn’t stop me to speculate and try these cheeses. I’m no expert but there’s a French in me that’s highly infatuated with cheese. Does that make me cheesy? Maybe not literally. Or maybe yes, figuratively.

Astonished and drooled for a little while. My face couldn’t handle the amount of cheese in this room. My previous visit to Sofitel’s Spiral was my first encounter in their Cheese Room of over 20+ cheeses. Gosh, I though I was already in cheese heaven. Not yet! This one’s crazier than before, 101 cheeses. Oh my cheese! I didn’t know where to start?
Going back to where I left you about the most expensive cheese, this is the answer! This was where I began my cheese tasting as well. The class A cheese that begins with A, Abondance Thones Fermiere AOC was the most expensive on the table of 101 cheeses. The large circular block of this expensive cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, from ‘Abondance’ breed of cow, which curdled very slowly at a temperature of 27C. Gently salty that has a firm and supple texture, which I was eager to get another round. But I didn’t. I moved on to the next cheese instead. I was reminded of the other cheeses, 100 more to try.
Sainte Maure Hardy 
Couldn’t name everything but I specifically liked the buttery and smooth taste of Sainte Maure Hardy, cylindrical in shape, produced in the Loire region of France.

Third column from the left, Basilou from Orne, Northwest of France. A French artisan cheese that has a light taste of basil added during its fabrication. Another light cheese that fits my undemanding taste.
Sofitel gave brought cheese lovers to France with their feast of sampling a variety of artisanal cheese cultivated from different regions of France. The feast highlighted on the French AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protegee) cheeses namely Banon, Cantal Salers vieux Morin, Chevrotin des Aravis Fermier, Coulommiers Suzerain, Ticodon and Reblochon Fermier to the more popular cheeses such as Abondance thones fermiere AOC, Reblochon Fermier, Roquefort Baragnaudes, Ossau Iraty Basco, Pont Leveque Suzerain LC AOC, and rare cheeses such as Saint Felicien Coupelle Papier, Saint Felicien Tentation Vercors, Fouchtra de Chevre, Epoisses Selection Berthaut, Couronne Lochoise Cendree, Charolais Clacbitou, Brebis Saveur Du Maquis GM and Bouchon Sarment D’Amour.
Whew!!! Were you able to read all of them properly? Cheese overload, literally!
J’Adore Le Fromage – Over 101 types of Cheese at Spiral’s L’Epicerie
Take an epicurean journey and sample over 101 types of special cheese from July 9 to July 13, 2014 at Spiral.
Spiral Buffet Rates:
Lunch – Php 1,980++
Sunday Brunch – Php 3,332++ (w/ champagne & French wine)
Dinner – Php 2,345++ (Sunday-Thursday)
Php 2,545++ (Friday-Saturday)
J’Adore Le Fromage – Le BAR Wine and Cheese Buffet
Exclusive sampling of premium artisanal cheese from the cheese collection of Cheese Master Gerard Poulard. Plus, 15 featured wines from all over France from the collection of Wine Expert Pierre Marie David. How about trying these French wine and cheese for a romantic taste of France?
Private Wine and Cheese Tasting Classes at Spiral
Cheese enthusiasts enjoy a private wine and cheese tasting with the cheese masters in this exclusive engagement at Spiral’s L’Epicerie (Cheese Room) with a maximum of 8 students per class.
Price: Php1,500 net per person
Sofitel Philippine Plaza continues to surprise their guests with luxurious events that can only be experienced in Sofitel alone. Carrying the luxury hotel brand in Manila, I’m sure there are more pleasurable events to expect.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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