Throwing back to the days I was a little girl, my parents introduced me to a little bottle colored red and white they usually pick whenever we do grocery together. I discovered my fondness for that little bottle ever since. One bottle wasn’t enough for the little me. May it be morning, afternoon, evening or midnight, I could drink 3-5 at a time. That little bottle called “Yakult” has been part of my childhood. Fast forward to this present day, my love for Yakult hasn’t been thrown away. I could still say I’m a Yakult lover.
Yakult Light (Php10/bottle)
I’ve tried various flavors of Yakult, which I bought from Singapore. Grape flavor stands out so far. But the original flavor still captivates me. The original taste doesn’t get old at all.
My heart skipped a beat when I found out about Yakult’s newest product, Yakult Light. The new Yakult Light helps us maintain to balance good and bad bacteria in our system as it contains 8 billion live Lactobacilus casei Shirota strain. More than that, Yakult Light gives you the same taste as the original but with less calorie content. Sounds perfect to me!
The child in me reminisced on how I would drink my Yakult bottle. I shared my Yakult memories with O. While sharing my memories, we couldn’t help but smile and giggle about our fun Yakult memories. We felt like little kids again. The common drink we both love gave us more ideas how our individual childhood were like. I just want to share with you how O and I drink our Yakult when we were little kids.
Yakult with a Straw
This was my idea of drinking Yakult. I remove the free straw from packed juice like Zest-O and use it for my Yakult instead. It was my way of preserving instead of gulping the small drink right away.
Yakult with a Paper Clip
O’s way of drinking Yakult amused me. Paper clip and Yakult? Seriously? A short demonstration by O as he spoke. He grabbed a bottle of Yakult and a piece of paper clip, used the pointed tip of the clip to make a small hole on the top cover of the bottle. From the small hole, he drank and that’s it! I never tried his style. Haha!
The Traditional Way
Both of us agree on one thing, drinking Yakult the traditional way.
Remove the cover…
and drink right away!
The simplest traditional way of drinking Yakult!
Yakult Light didn’t seem different from the original Yakult I grew up with. Guilt-free without sacrificing the uniqueness of Yakult’s taste. Specially made for those who are on a low carbohydrate diet who wants to be more fit and lean. Also to those who are conscious of their sugar level but want more supply of probiotics in their digestive system. Fewer calories and 0%fat! Brilliant!
For the grown ups, Yakult Light seems to fit our lifestyle more.
How do you drink your Yakult?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
“Yakult Everyday, Everyday OK! Mabu-tiyan.”
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