A cupcake recipe passed by a mother to her daughter. From a simple recipe made by Jean Ledesma all for the family alone, her daughter Jacy Ledesma of Chizu decided to collaborate with her sister and best friend, use their business skills and let the market taste their family cupcakes.
The confidence of selling the Chizu cupcakes came from the free taste testers or let’s call them their friends and relatives, who keep on raving about Jean’s cupcakes whenever they bring freshly baked cupcakes to gatherings. They’ve been hearing good reviews from people close to them so they thought it’s time to bring the cheese cupcakes public.
Chizu bakes homemade cheese-filled cupcakes filled with love and cheesiness from the baker’s passion for creating Chizu cupcakes. Chizu is also proud to say that they are purists and don’t welcome any preservatives like baking powder in baking their cupcakes.
Two sizes are available – Regular and Bite-sized.
From Chizu’s experience, some people cannot finish a regular sized cheese cupcakes. Too much of chewing cheese could make some people worn out. As an alternative for those people, they prepared bite-sized Chizu cupcakes.
Bite-sized Chizu cupcakes had my attention more than its regular-sized cupcakes. Aside from how it looks, cuter from my perspective, the easy to chew and finish made it easier for me to swallow and enjoy as a whole. If you know cheese cupcakes from the groceries made by Lemon Square, it’s similar to the texture only Chizu has a firmer texture with cheesier and saltier taste.
Bite-sized cupcakes are also ideal for family gatherings or events. I found out recently that Chizu is now accepting orders for catering. You can contact Chizu directly for inquiries about this option for your catering dessert.
Price List:
Chizu Regular
box of 12’s – Php 350
box of 6’s – Php 180
pack of 3’s – Php 100
Chizu Bites
Box of 12’s – Php125
Box of 24’s – Php250
Box of 36’s – Php350
Let cheesy cupcakes from Chizu delight you this time.
Have a cheesy week my dear foodies!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Contact: (+63) 917-506-6269
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChizuPh
Instagram: @ChizuPH
Budget: PHP100++

Originality 8/10
Packaging 8/10
Taste 8/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8/10