Every city has its own gem.
In Carmona, they claim to be the city that sells the most number of Binalot. The curiosity in me had to find out what’s so special about Carmona’s Binalot. O and I drove our way from Manila to Carmona Cavite to get ourselves stuffed with Aling Nene’s Special Binalot.
Without google maps, my self GPS might bring us to dead end. From the main road of Carmona, O and I had a little trouble searching for the small Binalot store of Aling Nene. Selected streets are narrow for an SUV, which drove us in circles on where to park and which way to pass through. My stomach was making sounds asking me to feed it. After asking around, we finally found our way to Aling Nene’s. My tip for you, ask locals of Carmona. They’d surely point you to where Aling Nene’s is.
After finding that hole in the wall, Aling Nene’s Special Binalot, we didn’t think twice on what to get. Well, there were limited choices anyway. All you can see is a list of Binalot variants.
The Food:
What makes binalot special is the method of wrapping, serving and presenting it. With the use of banana leaves, your complete meal, including rice and meat, is wrapped around like a gift.
Chicken-Pork Adobo & Tapa (Php 93)
Rate: 4/5
Served with fresh tomato and hard boiled egg, I get a fully loaded meal for less than a hundred. Now I understand why Aling Nene’s get the attention from tourists and workers around the area. The taste of adobo and tapa doesn’t show anything special in it. They’re exactly how I wanted my adobo and tapa to be. Nothing extraordinary but not even below my standards. An everyday meal that’s easy to love.
Chicken-Pork Adodo & Breaded Fish Fillet 
Rate: 4/5
Same flavorful chicken-pork adobo, except Breaded Fish Fillet replaced one slice of beef tapa. Their breaded fish fillet tasted like the grocery packed fish fillet breaded with crumbs. The only food I don’t recommend at Aling Nene’s is their Fish Fillet, the rest are ok to order.
Free hot and sour Sinigang soup with any meal you order.
The Ambiance:
A classic mainstay in the food business since 1989. Aling Nene’s Special Binalot maintained its popularity in Carmona for their all-time favorite special binalot.
Dress whatever you want to, Aling Nene won’t mind. Go straightforward and order what you like in their small and unflashy home of binalot.
On a friendly note, parking might be a problem at this barangay if your thinking of bringing your own vehicle. Make sure you read the street signs if parking is allowed or not.
Take some time and try to visit Aling Nene’s Special Binalot at Carmona Cavite.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: J.M. Loyola St., Carmona, Cavite, Philippines
Budget: PHP60++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10