On a hot summer afternoon, I was sitting at the couch keeping my eyes focused on my laptop screen to think of what to write for my new article for Breakfast Magazine. While I was in the middle of writing my ideas on Word file, the doorbell rang and a sweet surprise was delivered by Pizza Hut.
Will you look at that! Say hello to the newest offering of Pizza Hut, the new Stuffed Pan Pizza. I was very familiar to this pizza because of Manny Pacquiao’s commercial, together with 3 beauty queens – Venus Raj, Ariella Arida and Mutya Johanna Datul. For a Manny Pacquiao fan like me, I’d really know the food our world boxing champ is endorsing.
Regular (Php 319)
Family (Php 479)
Oh my! How can I finish this alone? It’s ideal to be at least with someone to indulge with Pizza Hut’s pan pizza.
I call this a Pizza Pie, literally speaking! Pizza + Pie.
Crust is shaped like a small pocket pie that’s actually enough to fix your hunger.
Tropical Hawaiian flavor is best suited for this type of pizza. Topped with pineapples, chicken, ham and thick baked mozzarella cheese.
I’m not limiting you to this flavor! Pizza Hut offers more flavors you can choose from. Explore and bring out the foodie in you by trying other flavors as well.
It’s an awesome combination with a crust stuffed with barbeque chicken and cream cheese! Cream cheese isn’t proportionally scattered in one slice. But in every slice, your mouth will meet a spill over of that thick cream cheese sticking to your teeth and taste buds.
By the way, I noticed that almost half the size of one slice of pizza is this stuffed crust.
For my second slice, confusion smacked me.
Which one to bite first? The crust or the other normal way around?
Thumbs up to the idea of adding another selection for Pizza Hut fans. People who frequent ‘barkada nights’ and parties who can’t think of any other food to bring other than pizza has another pizza variety to consider.
I stopped at 2 slices for my afternoon merienda. I can’t be selfish and had to share other slices to O and my sister Reine.
I wonder how many slices Manny Pacquiao can finish after a fight? #MakeitGreat
#MakeitGreat and taste the newest Stuffed Pan Pizza for yourself!
Call the famous number 911-11-11 or visit the nearest Pizza Hut branch now!
Share with me and Pizza Hut Philippines what you think of this new product! Tweet, Comment or Instagram. Don’t forget to use the official hashtag #MakeitGreat.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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