The Show:

On April 23, 2013, that’s this Tuesday evening at 10pm, you will see me as one of Pop Talk’s food trip reviewer.
Pop Talk is a lifestyle show hosted by Tonipet Gaba, not just a foodie but also a restauranteur. This lifestyle show is all about showcasing the best of Filipino culture, updating audiences the hippest restaurants to visit, foods to try, gadgets to get, music to listen to and more.
In this episode, I am privileged to be part of their food trip episode where I reviewed the restaurant and dishes not on my blog, but on national TV! Woohooo! I still can’t believe it. This is such a dream come true! Hehe! But seriously, I never imagined this would happen. I’m very grateful Pop Talk gave me the chance to share my knowledge and passion for food. One of the best experiences! I’m not kidding! 🙂
So anyway…. I don’t want to spill the beans. I’d just give you some snapshots on what we did during our Pop Talk food trip.

The Cast: 

The Host – Tonipet Gaba
The three food reviewers – With Marc Acueza as the celebrity food reviewer and Ate Jay-Ann who we pulled out from the LRT crowd to join our food trip.
Jane G., the friendliest and hard working Pop Talk researcher. Thank you Jane for making this possible! 🙂
(From L-R) Mama Rich, the make-up artist who was so maalaga and attentive sa oily face ko. Haha! I super love how he took care of me and my things during the entire taping. Ate Bea, the lady who handles the stars. I had fun listening to her stories and mga showbiz chismis. Haha!
Work-out muna bago kumain. No boring moments with this guy.
This kiddo we met at Bonappetea is so adorable! Very photogenic pa!! 🙂

The Trip:

1st stop at Big Little Store at Gilmore LRT 2 Station, Quezon City.
Eenie meenie miney mo, what to try first?
2nd stop at Yutaka Izakaya near V. Mapa LRT 2 Station.
Last stop at Xin Chao near Legarda LRT 2 station, Manila.
I had the chance to meet Chef Hasset Go, the owner and executive chef of Xin Chao. I’m impressed that this young entrepreneur is making it big in the industry because of his Med Chef pastries & cakes business and now, his newest venture, Xin Chao Vietnamese restaurant.
Once again, may I ask your support to watch Pop Talk this Tuesday evening (April 23, 2013, 10PM) at GMA News TV? I hope you guys could make time for this little favor I’m asking from you. Hehe 🙂
Please don’t hesitate to Tweet me if you are already watching.
Thank you in advance, Foodies!!! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout