Since day 1 this establishment was opened in Greenhills, I couldn’t help but be curious on what’s inside. From the outside, Wafu looks so elegant, modern with a touch of Japanese furnitures. I pass by this restaurant almost everyday and it kept me curious until I finally had the opportunity to enter and try what’s inside.
True enough, the inside reflected what I saw from the outside. Its appearance didn’t lie at all.
I was invited to try Wafu’s Teppanyaki Treat together with some personalities from the media. According to the invitation, the event starts at 6pm. I was there at Wafu 6pm sharp and saw nobody yet at the 2nd floor. Guess I was too excited more than everyone else. Or better yet, excited to eat, eat and eat!
Since I was such an early bird, I didn’t waste my time hanging around waiting for others to arrive. I roamed around the 2-story restaurant, tried to explore every corner for a good photo op.
Look to the left, look to the right, every corner is touched with real Japanese elegance. As far as I could see, they used fine wooden furnitures, which also defines what kind of market they are capturing.
Wafu’s has a distinctive look that made me want to stand at every zone for the sake of having a photo. Now I don’t know if I was just bored as an early bird or the place just captured me. Haha! Let’s just say both!
Wafu House Salad
Rate: 4/5
That was very timely! After taking photos of Wafu, first plate was served. This was the Wafu House Salad with onion dressing and crispy salmon skin. Simple and irresistible, I promise. Especially the salmon skin bits, I’ve been wanting to have a 2nd plate but hesitated since it was only the 1st plate. Some of you might think I’m crazy about this simple greens but I’m telling you, that simple plate of greens is something I’m missing now.
Chef Leslie Altura in front of us, showing us his Teppanyaki cooking moves. First, he made us Mixed Fried Rice. Yahoooo!
Tofu Steak
Rate: 4/5
A special sweet and savory sauce that lingered even after I finished the food. Oh with that mushroom sauce, it gave that simple tofu steak a high kick.
Staring blankly, waiting for that juicy meat to be cooked.
U.S. Hanger Steak
Rate: 5/5
How lean, how sexy! Even without the final touch of its sauce, I wanted to fork a piece of steak into my mouth.
Now with the shimeiji mushrooms and wasabi pepper sauce, the steak looked more complete. When chef mentioned wasabi pepper sauce, I had a “yucky” face not wanting to even try it. I was telling myself, that steak is good enough without sauce. Well that’s because I am not fond of adding wasabi to any of my food. A part of me still wanted to try though. So I got a piece and taste for myself.
My oh my, it was great! That wasabi pepper sauce was pretty neat! Still not loving wasabi but that sauce added more life to that lonely plain steak.
Blue Marlin
Rate: 4/5
Since the steak’s wasabi sauce wasn’t bad after all, I thought this Blue Marlin with wasabi mayo will do the same. So then, I gave a big jump to it!
Let’s just say, one try is enough. It didn’t entice me to continue eating that Blue Marlin. I was ready for my next plate.
Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken
Rate: 4/5
In layman’s terms, Teriyaki Chicken at your service. The complete opposite of my previous plate, Blue Marlin. This chicken teriyaki’s sauce is one good reason to go back to Wafu. Finely sweet with a hint of saltiness.
Grilled Salmon
Rate: 5/5
What I’ve been waiting for, Grilled Salmon. It was the best out of all dishes I’ve tried at Wafu. I’m a lover of Salmon and chef didn’t disappoint me with what he did to it. The mixed mayo with onion and garlic sauce was a lovely partner of grilled salmon.
Ebi Tempura
Rate: 3/5
U.S. Tenderloin
Rate: 4/5
Wafu’s U.S. Tenderloin steak was another impressive dish to me. Not only because of how chef sliced it to make it tender and juicy but also because of its genuine sweet yet sour sauce that kept me wanting more even though I was already full. My seat-mates and I were all on the same boat in loving this steak.
Dorado Fish
Rate: 2/5
Served with house made mango onion salsa, this Dorado fish was a sign I should stop eating. First bite stung my tongue already, felt like the fish was not fresh anymore. I’m sure it wasn’t the sauce because the sauce was actually dainty. I was ready for dessert after 1 bite.
Sushi Sampler
Rate: 4/5
Looks can be deceiving. Looks like an ordinary piece of sushi but na-ah. One roll has all the flavors your mouth will want in a meal.
Wafu Ice Cream
Rate: 3/5
Coffee ice cream for a sweet goodbye at Wafu.
Seated at the Teppanyaki table already created entertainment that made my dinner more enjoyable. Chef was accommodating to all my queries. All throughout, he put up a good show just like he was on TV for a cooking show. What I also love about this dinner was the style of eating everything straight from the chef’s table as fresh as possible. Nothing hidden, everything revealed as to how Wafu’s dishes were prepared. Goodbye to curiosity for me. My Wafu experience was surely worth my time and calories stored inside my body. Haha!
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