Day 2 began at our hotel in KL, Pacific Regency Hotel Suites.
This hotel is just across KL Tower, one of the important sights to see when you visit the land of Malaysia. I love that our hotel is located at the commercial area where we can just walk around the city. Accessibility to the main district is important to my mom, which is why she chose this hotel for us. Knowing her, she couldn’t stand being far away from the “main” city. And I absolutely get her. Thanks to my mom. Her choice of hotel is right!
KL Tower was literally in front of our hotel. While at KL, I wake up in the morning with the view of KL Tower by the window. 🙂
At the KL Tower, there is a station where you can ride a “Hop-On Hop-Off” tour bus. We decided to do that activity the next day since we all wanted to explore the city by ourselves. Just hopping from one place to another was my family’s sport that day.
My parents didn’t mind walking from one place to another. Praise God for their healthy bodies for allowing them to stroll around without getting a hard time.
From the hotel, we walked a couple of blocks and there we found KFC!
Take a look at those 3 pieces of chicken on the plate. The only leg part is the spicy one and the other 2 are regular. KFC Malaysia has a different style of spicy chicken. It was literally dipped in hot sauce. Unlike the one here in the Philippines, spicy flavor is crispy and spiciness is fused inside its meat.
Cheesy wedges that I wish we have here in Manila.
Why can’t KFC make one here in the Philippines?! 🙁 Their egg tart is smashing! It can compete with Lord Stow’s. I don’t understand why they can’t bring one to this country? 🙁
It’s a wrap! 
Twister is my favorite from any KFC in the world. All that carbs and nutrients are mine for my guiltless eating while traveling. I make sure veggies are part of my meal when I feel heavy that my weight is keeping me lazy to walk and move around.
Reine spotted Chatime somewhere at Pavillion Mall. She got too excited and asked our parents for money to buy a large glass of her favorite milk tea. Milk tea is a temptress! So hard to say NO to this beverage.
This is her simple joy, Milk Tea!
I know some of you can relate. Hehe!
Also in Pavillion, we tried a Japanese restaurant named Ichiban Boshi.
Why did we choose this resto?
The people is the main factor! The resto never ran out of customers. In that foreign land, we assumed it is a good restaurant since customers kept on entering the doors of Ichiban Boshi.
A sushi train in the middle of this Japanese restaurant. You don’t need to order sushi from the server.
For us Asians, we could be lost what those Japanese sushi plates mean on the menu. It’s beneficial for us to check out the train and base our order from what we think looks delish for us.
Just grab all you want. My advice is to be careful, you don’t want your bill to surprise you.
Pork Katsudon, Reine’s favorite rice bowl.
Beef Curry, the Japanese style.
The journey continued after our Japanese meal. We rode the GO KL bus, a free shuttle sponsored by the Malaysian government, that roams around the city.
GO KL bus is always colored in purple. When it’s not purple, it’s not for free.
The day was basically a city kind of life. There was traffic, people walking fast, people hurrying up to the store with a SALE sign and restaurants with hungry foodies.
I didn’t feel away from Manila, Philippines. Could I say, it’s somehow like Makati or Fort to me.
Pavillion was so far our favorite mall in Malaysia. And during that trip, Reine was my favorite companion. (That’s because I was left with no choice!) Haha! I’m kidding Reine. I love being crazy and being myself with my younger sister. Traveling to Malaysia with her kept us closer to each other.
Stay tuned on this blog for more of my travels!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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