When I used to write for Breakfast Magazine, I remember including Naci Comfort Food as one of the restaurants I featured. Back then, it was still situated at Greenhills along Connecticut Street. I tried it the first time with my sister Reine. We ordered their rice specialties including Reine’s favorite, their cupcakes. From that moment onwards, Reine found Naci as one of her favorite dessert stops. She even purchases her favorite Red Velvet cupcake and brings it to school.
Now, Naci is no longer along Connecticut Street. Naci’s new home is at Fort along 7th Street. Too bad for my sister, Naci isn’t that accessible for her anymore. 🙁
I, together with my family, took a short ride from our home to Fort for us to taste and see what’s in Naci’s newest home.
Truffled Cream of Mushroom (Php 295)
Rate: 4/5
Chunky Puree of Fresh Wild Mushrooms with Cream and Truffle Oil.
People are starting to appreciate truffle more nowadays. Given that fact, Naci captured what the people wants, truffle in their dishes and that includes this thick truffled cream of mushroom soup. You won’t go wrong with it if you are one of those truffle oil lovers.
Tita Em’s Chowder (Php 260)
Rate: 3/5
A twist on the San Francisco Staple! Creamy, Hearty Chowder loaded with Shrimps, Corn Kernels, Potatoes and Bacon Bits served in a Bread Bowl.
I didn’t insist on having more than 1 tablespoon of Tita Em’s Chowder since I know more meals were coming out of the kitchen. This chowder was overloaded. If you were to order this, minimize other dishes because Tita Em’s Chowder can already fill up the gaps in your stomach.
Beef Taco Springroll (Php 280)
Rate: 4/5
Naci’s Signature No-mess Tacos! Crispy Springrolls stuffed with Mouthwatering Beef Taco filling and Mixed Cheese served with the Freshest Tomato Salsa and Tangy Sour Cream.
I must say it is a must-try.
Crispy Springrolls that contains meaty goodness drove my fingers to its aggressive level. I kept on grabbing a bite without noticing the other dishes were already prepared and waiting for me to take photos of them. I was concentrating too much on the Springrolls.
Parmesan Fries with Truffle Mayo Dip 
Rate: 4/5
Again, there you go truffle lovers. Another treat for you!
A ridiculously fattening basket of fries. Every piece is covered with parmesan cheese that makes you munch till you want. Very sinful!
Peruvian Chicken Rice (Php 420) 
Rate: 5/5
Slow Cooked Baked Rice seasoned with Peruvian Spices, Chunks of Chicken and Sauteed Capsicums topped with Homemade Aioli served in a Paellera.
One complete package for you and your friends. I’m very certain you will find this paella-like dish interesting and be part of your table when you visit Naci. It’s like you can’t understand what’s inside your mouth. All you know is when you take that bite, they’re all mixed together as if they’re dancing around while you’re enjoying it.
They call this as their labor of love since they spend 30 minutes for preparation and cooking. Don’t worry, it is worth the wait!
If you know you want to order this, better call them up to give them a heads up.
Grilled Mahi Mahi with Dill Cream (Php 380) 
Rate: 3/5

A complete set, not only your order of grilled mahi mahi but also served with parsley rice and buttered vegetables.

Parsley rice and the cherry tomatoes made the grilled mahi mahi’s atmosphere more pleasing. It’s not my favorite but it’s not an ugly duckling on the menu. I still think this would be salable for those who opts for fish.
Braised Beef Ossobuco (Php 520) 
Rate: 4/5
What is Ossobuco? Just my dad’s favorite at Naci.
Aside from that, these are Tender Beef Shanks Braised in Red Wine and Tomato Sauce served with Buttered Vegetables and Parsley Rice.
For sure, you’ll love how tender these beef shanks are. It won’t trouble you consuming beef even if you have a toothache right there.
The sauce is an oomph to this Braised Beef Ossobuco!
Your rice will never be lonely with this sauce.

Tamarind Iced Tea (Php 120) 
Rate: 4/5
Mom adores their Tamarind Iced Tea. It fits the flavor of everything she ate at Naci. According to her, the tamarind twist didn’t taste awkward combining it with iced tea.
The Elvis (Php 225) 
Rate: 4/5
A rich and creamy blend of bananas, peanut butter and vanilla ice cream fit for a king.
Well, what do you say? It’s Elvis Presley’s favorite combination!
It’s a classic favorite I believe!
Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie (Php 250) 
Rate: 4/5

Another labor of love from Naci. Takes them about 25 minutes to prepare and bake to perfection.

Once it gets to you, expect this dessert to be gooey and chewy. Dark chocolate chips and walnuts will keep you hanging your spoon and dipping inside this chocolate chip cookie.

Banana Cream Cheese Turon (Php 420) 
Rate: 3/5
Cinnamon sugar coated deep fried flour tortillas stuffed with bananas and cream cheese and served with vanilla ice cream, roasted cashew nuts and caramel sauce.
The fam bam had a great time picking on every dish served to us.
Three of them loved their cozy seats while I kept on standing taking photos of my surroundings including the food, of course.
With this kind of ambiance, you’d want to bring your girlfriends out or your family with you for a Fort food adventure. Comfort food in this comfortable venue.
Thank you Naci ladies for the warm welcome and taking care of us during our visit.

Naci will be missed at Greenhills. But surely, with that move to Fort, Naci will create a more familiar sounding name in the restaurant industry.

I’m looking forward to trying more dishes at Naci!
How about you? Have you tried visiting Naci? 🙂

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