If there is one thing I’ll miss about Cambodia, it’s this – the view outside my hotel window.
For how many days, I wake up in the morning, push the curtains to the side and be more awakened by this temple-like swimming pool view. I am used to staying in hotels that are modern looking, somehow like Shangri-la, Marriott and Holiday Inn. Staying in this 5-star hotel with interior that looks very Cambodian is “new” to me. This kind of “new” is actually a positive feedback coming from me.
Sokha Hotel already created an impressing remark from the moment they picked us up from the airport and brought us to the hotel. Every single staff from the hotel are courteous, hospitable, speaks good English, amiable and pleasing to talk to. I love Cambodians! They’re so humble! 🙂
  From the photos of their website, I was doubting that the photos will look as good in reality. Soon as I entered the premises of Sokha Hotels, I was wowed by what I saw. Those photos weren’t deceiving. They were for real!
The view took my breath away. Every morning felt amazing seeing that calm blue swimming pool and green leaves beautifying the surrounding.
Hay… Peaceful and serenity!
An APEC seminar was conducted at Sokha Hotel Cambodia as well. Delegates and representatives from APEC countries were presently there. During our stay, the hotel premises were surrounded by security guards and policemen. I even had to place my bag in an x-ray machine before entering the hotel. Parang airport lang! Haha!
I wish PNOY was there! I bet he’ll talk to me since he would rarely see Filipinos in that hotel. haha!
Every morning during our stay, this was the place where we ate breakfast. Actually, I disagree that it was breakfast. It was more of a brunch for us. We start the day at 10am so that buffet brunch kept us alive till the afternoon.
A mix of Western and Eastern food – mostly Chinese – in a buffet style.
I wouldn’t say the food was awesome. I would probably say our brunch was stuffing and more than decent. Define hotel kind of food, that was how it turned out to be.
If you ask me, I’d go for Khmer food more than Western. I was in Cambodia, why not capitalize on their own food rather than keep on adding Western food on my plate. Right?
Oh well, still thankful for that every morning buffet at our hotel! That’s convenience for our hungry tummies.
First day high at Cambodia! I was on high to do a temple run and visit the famous Angkor Wat. So right after brunch time at The Lotus, I walked down that red carpet of Sokha Hotel and waited for my bongga ride…
Here it is, my bongga Tuk-Tuk ride!
Don’t you love it?
I do!!!
From our hotel to Angkor Wat, it took us around 20 minutes. No traffic at Seam Reap. Thanks to its province vibe. There were more Tuk-Tuks than automobiles.
After buying our ticket from the ticket booth, this was the view we got.
All clean and green when you look left to right.
Weather was perfect for our temple tour.
Then after a short drive, we got to see this fantastic nature view!!!
Oh look at that creation our God painted!
Speechless! The view took my breath away!!! Whew!
Angkor Wat temple from a far.
Now landed at the beautiful Angkor….WHAT???
Wait, you might ask what the heck is Angkor Wat. Aside from the fact it is the most important tourist site to visit at Siem Reap Cambodia, Angkor Wat has a historical relevance.
I’m not a history expert so it’s not my specialty to explain the history behind the construction of Angkor Wat.
To know more about Angkor Wat’s history, you can check out this tourism site of Cambodia – http://www.tourismcambodia.com/attractions/angkor/angkor-wat.htm
Be physically prepared if you plan a tour around the temples of Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is just one of the temples you could see. It’s really a Temple Run out there!
 To get a photo with them, you must pay. I forgot how much but I was too kuripot to spend for a photo with them. Thank God my lens was long enough to take a shot of them from afar.
Kids near the temple were gathered together playing some game I don’t understand. Hehe.
One tiring afternoon pushed me to get a coconut to gulp.
A refreshing drink after my long temple run walk.
There were small vendors lined up selling fresh coconut, clothes, pasalubongs and other products made in Cambodia.
Planning a trip to Cambodia?
Be prepared to get that perspiration as you walk around the temples of Siem Reap.
Wear comfortable clothes and footwear to avoid any irritation and aches in your body. Be sure to bring water with you so dehydration won’t attack you. That’s what we forgot to take with us – water. Yayks! Thankfully coconut stores were readily available selling fresh coconut for only less than USD2.
What can you say?
Deactivate that game Temple Run on your phones and start putting that in reality.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout