As Filipinos, pies aren’t the usual snack we opt for. Pies are more of a western style that we tried to adopt here in our country. Talking about it specifically, savory pies are favorites of the British. What are they famous for? Well, I know it’s their Chicken Pie or Shepherd’s Pie.
Now that the Philippines is becoming more and more adventurous and diverse when it deals with the topic Food. I, as a foodie, is getting thrilled each time I hear a new food business introducing international favorites to the Philippine market. Recently, I was told of this new homemade pie business that delivers straight to your home. Unquestionably, I didn’t wait for weeks before trying the savory pies from Pat-a-Pie!
Why choose Pat-a-Pie?
 Pat-a-Pie produces handmade savory pies that are filled with the freshest ingredients to satisfy your curious palate!
A box of Pat-a-Pie was sent to my house and it troubled me which one to eat first.
For the sake of being fair to myself, this was what I did…
Eenie meenie miney mo, which pie will I try first? 
Spinach and Bacon Pie
Randomly selected this Spinach & Bacon pie as my first try. If you use a ruler, you’ll measure a 3-inch pie that fits the size of your palm.
Spinach is a personal favorite. I grew up watching Popeye the Sailor Man; so you gotta blame that sailor for influencing me to love eating spinach. This Spinach & Bacon pie brainwashed me I got extra muscles and strength after finishing one pie. There wasn’t any bitter taste that lingered. Deceiving how it looks, probably an ugly looking one for those who don’t have a taste for greens. But for me, its looks didn’t matter at all. Once you try it, you get that savory flavor you want from a pie, only it’s spinach and bacon inside. I raise my right thumb for this! 🙂
Oh by the way, I forgot there was actually bacon. I didn’t even taste a single bit. I’m guessing it’s fused inside the spinach that made greens overpower meat.
To tell you frankly, I was a bit confused finding out which is which. Cheesy Tuna Pie and Chicken Pie got mixed up in that box. The taste didn’t differ that much. Don’t get me wrong, both made me want to get another pie after the other one.
Both flavors were truly sweet and savory. Emphasizing on the word “sweet”, it was really sweet for a pie.
I suggest you don’t allow yourself to eat cold pies. For better taste of Pat-a-Pie, heat them before chomping on them.
Pies are not destined for the British alone. If pies are as sweet and savory as these pies, surely Filipinos whose sweet taste-buds are prominent will appreciate pies more.
For me, the box of Pat-a-Pie gave me more reasons to love pies even more.
You should try it for yourself! Ordering is not that a hassle actually.
Their facebook page is very helpful for you to get your order on time.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Contact: (+63 917) 535-9868 / (+632) 351-3549

Facebook Page:
Budget: PHP300++

Originality 7/10
Packaging 8/10
Taste 8/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 7.75/10