In every country I visit, I plan to try my favorite fast-food chain…KFC.
Thus, my trip to Vietnam won’t miss out that plan. I made sure that mom and I would drop by any KFC branch and get some finger-lickin’ food.
Hello KFC, Saigon! This was inside a mall, 15-mins away from our hotel. After shopping, we passed by KFC to get some snacks. 
Greatness! No line for FAST food. Compared to Manila, the counter is usually full especially if KFC is inside a mall.
That’s my mom, blending with the KFC theme. Haha! Parang grand entrance lang! 
First on my KFC list – Chicken Popcorn. I didn’t dine in KFC so I really can’t order rice. What I ordered was something I can munch on while strolling in the mall. There’s no big difference from the one here in the Philippines – which is good for the franchise. In this way, customers like me would have one KFC taste.
Egg Tart for something sweet after the Chicken Popcorn. Served hot and crunchy. The egg seemed fresh to me. I really enjoyed their Egg Tart. I stored some in the fridge, and ate some of them while they were hot. Both, whether hot or cold, tasted “so good”. How I wish they also have one here in Manila so I don’t need to go all the way to Lord Stow’s for yummy egg tarts. 
The HIGHLIGHT of my KFC Visit:
As Filipinos, we dig KFC because of their GRAVY! And like other Filipinos, I am one of those people who pour gravy crazily on their plates. Sometimes, it would look like soup because of the amount of gravy I pour.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that in Vietnam. Upon seeing this (refer to photo), I was quite disappointed. Imagine, there wasn’t any gravy in Vietnam! Instead of gravy, they only have unlimited ketchup/catsup. How uncool is that!? 😐 (Not my preference for my KFC chicken.) Well, they’re definitely missing a lot! Those Vietnamese should come by Manila and have their gravy experience and see what they’re missing out.
More free ketchup. 🙁 Hayyy, no gravy 🙁 

While having my KFC merienda, I roamed around the city of Saigon.

The next time I travel, I’ll surely visit another KFC franchise there! 🙂
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout