A long long long overdue post that I still want to share with you, my readers.
What is it about traveling that excites you the most? Could it be the shopping? The sightseeing? The food? The adventure?
I know it’s troubling to decide which among which, but traveling for me is a mix of all elements I mentioned. But the one thing that stands out among all of them is definitely, The FOOD!
Isn’t that obvious? The Food Scout here is generally about everything good in food!
What I’m here for is to bring you good news about what I love and what you love, Food!
Chicken Nasi Lemak (RM 11.30)
First on our agenda at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, to find a restaurant that sells Nasi Lemak. That was not really challenging given the fact we were in the city of great food.
Suria KLCC is the most convenient mall we could think of, close to our hotel and view is magnificent. It’s also where we had our first meal in Kuala Lumpur. Every restaurant in Suria KLCC was magnetizing us to enter and have our meal there. Even thought that was the case, one restaurant stood out for us where line is never ending. We all ended up at Little Penang Kafe.
The photo above was my order, Chicken Nasi Lemak. One order is served with chicken curry hantu, fried ikan dilis, groundnuts and egg. Their rice is so fragrant that I wanted to control myself from having more than 1/2 cup, my average cup per meal. This meal brought a big smile to my face and my belly. Now I can say I was able to eat Malaysian’s national dish in the Malaysian territory. Such simple joy for me but this food brought something good to me.
Curry Prawn Set (RM 15)
Only 2 medium-sized shrimps. 🙁 A terrible quantity for one plate. I was questioning the amount of shrimps on this plate but I didn’t have a choice but to consume it together with my family. Once I tried it, I kept my mouth shut and stopped complaining. Oh it was absolutely delightful to my palate. The curry sauce was just the way I like it, semi-spicy with a pinch of sweetness. The malaysian curry gave me the reason to accept the amount of shrimps served.
Assam Laksa (RM 11.30)
A must-try in Malaysia, Assam Laksa. The description about this dish is this “a mouthwatering rice noodle dish which you’ll keep asking for more. With authentic spicy fish gravy, mint and fresh vegetable garnishing.” I don’t even dare to contest that description. Justifies what the taste is all about. I started loving Malaysian food even more after all 3 dishes I tried, especially this Assam Laksa.
Little Penang Kafe was a right move for us. We waited in line for about 5-10 minutes but it was worth our wait.
Reine and I had unstoppable scoops of rice. Yes, we used chopsticks…only for a while. After several minutes, we asked for our own spoon and fork and celebrated our first meal in Malaysia through curry sauce and lotsa rice. 
My family is the top influencer in my life. They are the people to blame for being so “food-a-holic”!
Wherever we go, food is always in our minds.
Candy stores bring out the child in me.
Sweet gelato cups after a lunch filled with curries.
The view outside Suria KLCC mall.
A little peek of our hotel room.
Praise be to God for the opportunity to taste the wonders of the world through food. 🙂
Have you ever been to Malaysia?
What is your favorite?
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout