To be at Punta Fuego several weekends ago was never part of my plan…
Early this year, my friends and I booked our flight to Cambodia for August 2013. I believe we scheduled that trip last January, the month when we were all excited to plan trips for the year 2013.
Who would have thought Cebu Pacific will text us just a week before and cancel the flight. Of all flights, why ours?! Why that weekend when I filed my leave for my trip with my friends?!
I was grumbling deep inside that I couldn’t hide it from my face. I know in my heart that God has a reason why but looking at that reality, it was almost impossible for me to schedule another trip properly since I already plotted my vacation leaves at work.
To cut to the chase, I found a way to fix my vacation leave and re-booked my Cambodia trip with friends. Oh I have to be honest, that was such a big hassle!
So that was the story of my Cambodia trip.
Now where are we again?! Oh yeah, I’ve got to share with you how I ended up at Punta Fuego.
One morning, Oliver asked me if I can join him at their retreat at Punta Fuego. I thought it was exclusive for their Fil-Chi group so I kinda hesitated. And I was shy of course. But then, after talking to him about it and I thought my weekend was vacant, thanks to my changed schedule from that Cambodia flight, I decided to go and join their retreat. Besides, I needed that break out of the buzy city. Hence, it was a Yes for me and I joined TBS (Tuesday Bible Study) Retreat.


We stayed at one of the houses inside the Punta Fuego vicinity.
This is the gloomy yet fantastic view from the 2nd floor veranda of the house.
Also part of the 2nd floor view.
From the house, it takes less than 5mins to the beach if you use a vehicle. If you take a walk, well I wasn’t able to try it, so I don’t have an idea.


 Say hello to my favorite Chinese man 🙂
Ivan here was our resident photographer.
O and I took this air-bed to the beach. This was our “surfboard” and “bed” while floating on salt water. By the way, we took turns and manually pumped this air-bed. I guess that was our biceps workout before hitting the water. Haha!
Meet the cheerful TBS crew!
Two of the funniest, Jonn and Arlene.
O dressed up like a dapper during our Thanksgiving night.
With the gorgeous chinitas of TBS. Aren’t they all lovely?
Gilbert’s food were all so stomach filling! I think I gained weight because of all the scrumptious meals he prepared for us. Praise God for his cooking skills! 🙂
Anson was one of the speakers who inspired me and O. We couldn’t stop talking how we are so blessed by Anson’s life and stories. 🙂


Food will never be compromised!
These were some of the dishes prepared by Gilbert and Bernie for us. Take note of SOME. My plate was always full that I felt I gained pounds during that retreat. We actually had Turkey and Truffle pasta during Thanksgiving dinner but I was so excited for that night that I forgot to bring out my camera and take photos of the food. Oh well… *sigh*
Pork BBQ without a stick
Korean Beef Stew
Laing (Bicolano Style)
Salmon with Wasabi Sauce
Salad ala Italianni’s 
S&R Pizza


It was not a weekend of vacation, but a weekend of “Real Rest”
You know, there are tons of positive adjectives that are running through my mind to describe how awesome that weekend was – spectacular, relaxing, fun, pleasurable, etc. Remember, I told you earlier that my Cambodia flight was re-booked and TBS retreat was the replacement for that trip. I think that weekend is described by how majestic my God is. All I can say now is that my God is super kadooper amazing for proving me He is an All-Knowing and All-Powerful God.
It’s obvious, He found a way for me to join this retreat with O. He had to re-align my plans according to His greater plans.
Because of what happened, he sent me a message to know that He is in full control. And I should lessen my horrible attitude of being a worrier.
(Yeah yeah yeah, I tend to worry about things, especially the future and my controllable plans. 😐 )
Now, my heart is overflowing with joy just knowing I am a child of a gracious King who knows my name and who knows what is best for me. His love alone is enough for me. The love I receive from my family and O is definitely spectacular but God is proving me day by day that He is more than enough for me. The love of people around me is just a bonus, probably His reward for me.

This TBS retreat was a refreshment of my purpose on this planet. That weekend taught me to be more dependable on The Great One and find Rest in Him alone!

God is magnificent for allowing me to meet these awesome people from TBS. Each of them was an inspiration to be more thirsty for God’s word. All of them welcomed me like I was family.
Thank you TBS!
What can I say about that weekend? Praise God indeed! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout