It’s a really really late post… 🙁 But it’s better late than never. Right?
I don’t want to compete with anyone here but I have to make this statement – “My Mom is the Best in the world!” I know you’ll say yours is but I have to be ultimate bias at this point. 🙂 Let me prove you why…
Why my MOM is the BEST?
She’s a Teacher. I don’t remember a time she got tired of teaching me. Wherever we go, whatever we do, there’s always a new learning and new lesson coming from teacher Mom. She talks non-stop about what we can learn at various situations.
She’s a Model. My mom walks the talk. As she teaches me, she demonstrates every principle she teaches to our family. By being an effective parent and loving wife, I know that someday I will be just like her. (Or maybe even better.. And I claim that!) Haha!
She’s my Mentor… not my tormentor. Haha! I trust her advices because I believe God designed her to be my mom to be my life coach.
She’s one of my Best Friends. I can talk to her about anything under the bright sun of Manila. We talk about work, business, God, love, sex, marriage, friendship, etc. etc. etc. Name it, we talk about it! Hindi kami chismosa, we just enjoy talking to each other. Hehe.
She’s my Beauty Consultant. Why wouldn’t I trust her beauty advices? She doesn’t look her age! People think she’s my sister! 🙂 On the side, I just want to share that mom was the one who pushed me to use Dove since I was a child. She’s the reason why we are both Dove Girls.
She is God’s Gift. Mom brought me to the right direction by raising me up the Christian way. God is real to me because of my family. Thanks to mom for being the salt and light of our family.
So…. since she’s the Best Mom for me, my words won’t be enough to express my gratitude to her. An act of service is what I thought of.
Oliver and I thought of cooking for mom. This was the second time we cooked together, so our hands and brains were still shaking during the preparation. We admit we still need more practice at the kitchen.
During the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, we dedicated our whole morning to shop at the wet market and grocery for ingredients. Let me repeat that, we went to the wet market to shop! Oliver was teasing me, asking me to market on my own without him helping me. Thank God he is skilled in bargaining with vendors at the market. He guided me at the market as we chose what seafood to get and what kind of meat to choose. If I were alone, I don’t know what would happen to me. Haha! After marketing, we completed our ingredients at the grocery and went straight home.
To cut to the chase, here are the dishes we prepared for mom.
1) Baked Mussels – This was Oliver’s recipe, specially made for mom. With the help of his achi, we achieved the kind of baked mussels we had in mind. Cheesy and creamy, topped on large mussels we got from Taza De Oro. Praise God for resources! 🙂
2) Baked Pork Ribs with Honey Glazed Sauce – I don’t know what entered my mind to cook pork ribs for mom. Haha! While searching for recipes online, a glance at this dish made me decide to prepare it right away. I thought tension will arise while cooking, but fortunately Oliver and I have a fantastic partnership in things we do, which includes cooking. According to my family, the honey glaze was extra sweet but it worked well for the ribs. There were parts of the pork that was soft and tender, restaurant level type, but a few wouldn’t pass the restaurant standard. The dish was not perfect, an average joe, but it still made my mom smile. I guess this was the dish that taught me a lesson as a cook.
3) Buffalo Chicken Wings – Part of my top favorite foods of all time, Chicken Wings! I was inspired by chicken wings I eat all over the metro to cook this for my beloved mother. Everyone on the table – dad, mom, Reine and Oliver – adored the chicken wings we prepared. It is now officially a family favorite! 🙂
The wings have that crispy chicken skin we all saved up to the last bite and the kick of buffalo spice covering it. Our Bleu Cheese dip was also made from scratch. To create our dip, we used a strong cheese, specifically Bleu Cheese, in order to balance off the taste of spicy buffalo wings. I don’t remember how much we all ate, but the kilos chicken wings we bought were swept away in just one night.
Thanks to my cooking partner, we made the Best Mother extra special by stuffing her tummy with home-cooked food.
Just to add, I want to say Thank You to Dove for making us part of your Mother’s Day campaign. Thank you for helping me surprise my mom a week before the Mother’s Day weekend and making her tear.. Well, tears of joy! 🙂 Thank you for choosing us to be Dove Girls!
To my mom, I have three words for you – I Love You. 🙂
Hope everyone had a memorable Mother’s Day as well! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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