If you can read this, then the following foods are not for You.
By the way, I am not The Food Scout. I am The Food Scout’s one and only sister – Reine. 🙂 I am in-charge of this post since I am a dog lover, more than my sister. She’s more into babies and little kids. I’m kind of picky with babies compared to her. She finds all babies cute and adorable just how much I find every dog (including askals) cute.
You were probably expecting a post about a restaurant that you could try out yourself but for once, I’m actually gonna post something about food that aren’t for you to eat. If you have a pet dog and you want to buy them some treats, this post is for you.
Our family loves animals, especially dogs. Well we’re actually not ones who buy so much accessories or fancy food for our dogs, but we do try to spoil them every once in a while with doggie treats. I know that dogs really just eat almost anything you give them and that they actually can’t taste that much so you might be thinking, why in the world would we still buy them these fancy doggie treats? For me, it’s still the thought that counts. Dogs remember the good things you do for them and they love you more in return. Whenever I give a treat to my dog and I see their tail sway from left to right because they’re happy, I feel as if my dog and I became closer. Who knew a few treats could make a dog obey your commands immediately.
This is Hershey, our chocolate brown labrador. She’s only 10 months old, but man does she eat a lot! That’s why she’s so strong, active, and kinda fat.
At first glance, it looks like a snack for humans. The packaging on the treats really catches your attention because it doesn’t even look like food for dogs.
This Spinach treat was actually our other dog, Rufus’ favorite. She really ate a lot of it!
Hershey finds these beef stick like her food slash toy. She chews it for about a minute then eats it right after.
This kinda looks like something I’d actually imagine seeing on food carts being sold along the streets. My dogs really enjoyed chewing on these because it was on a stick. Yes, my dogs do enjoy eat food that are on a stick because they actually hold on to the stick as they chew on it, just like how we eat it!
How cute are these bone-shaped treats! I’m guessing this is like Candy Corner for our dogs. Do I still have to describe how it tastes??
Out of all the treats, I think this one was my favorite (No, I did not eat it). It actually looked appetizing plus, it wasn’t a hassle for our dogs to chew on. There were multiple pieces in each packet, so each of our dogs were able to have a go on these lamb flavored straps.
I really liked the shampoo simply because of the bottle they used. It isn’t much of a hassle to get shampoo you’re giving your dog a bath because you wouldn’t have to pick up the bottle and squeeze it with your soapy and smelly hands.
Thanks to Paws N’ Fins for sending us these doggie goodies. You made it an early Christmas for our pets. Thank you for stuffing their bellies with these yummy treats and making them smell and look fresh with these Icy Cool products.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout’s Sister

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