Interested in Food, Fashion, Photography, Vintage collectibles, Coffee or simply hanging out? Then I guess this is the store for you!
Just recently, a store along Annapolis Street opened courageously. The first time I saw this store, I was quite curious what’s inside. All I can see from the car window were clothes and vintage items. It stood out from my point of view since the establishments nearby were plain condominiums, school, some restaurants, spa and convenience stores. Clothes were out of place along that street. Well I guess, you have to stand out to be noticed. And that’s how I noticed The Appraisery along Annapolis Street.
The Appraisery is not your ordinary fashion and lifestyle store. In fact, it is a concept store influenced by the different lifestyles of its owners. On one side, you see a small coffee bar and on all sides, you’d see a collection of vintage clothes, bags items and other collectibles.
From left to right, I see cool and interesting finds. But then, I have to stick to my image… being The Food Scout. Haha! If you don’t mind, let me start talking about food more than anything else! 🙂

The Food: 

Green Tea Matcha Frappe with Whip Cream & Matcha Powder (Php 120)
Rate: 4/5
I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of their top sellers. I go for Green tea drinks that its matcha taste is not overpowering the entire drink. The balance of sweetness and matcha should get along. I simply adore this drink at The App.
Hamocado Sandwich (Php 185)
Rate: 3/5
Does it sound too strange or foreign for you? The main ingredient Avocado makes the sandwich different from the others. It may sound strange that avocado is being used. But I guess it worked for the sandwich. Popping mustard taste and avocado, a strange yet fairly good combination.
App’s Oregano Tuna Melt (Php 180)
Rate: 4/5
Between the Tuna Melt and Hamocado, App’s Oregon Tuna Melt wins for me. Squished in tuna and cheese threw in flavors in my mouth in every bite.
Kumbaya Drink
Rate: 4/5
The special beverage you should try out. Iced coffee that has a blend of marshmallow sweetness and caramel. Can you imagine smores turned into a coffee drink? This is the one! It’s special that it is not available for everyone. I mean, it is actually not on their menu so if you want to get one for yourself, you have to tell them the name of this drink, Kumbaya. Mention that you also found out about it via The Food Scout. 😉

The Shop:

What’s so unique about The Appraisery? It is their concept of buying, selling, and trading of pre-loved items. Do you watch Pawn Stars on History Channel? If you do, you’ll get an idea on how it really works. But for those who aren’t familiar, know more on How It Works through the photo below.
Hmm… Sounds like Ukay-ukay? Well if that’s how you want to categorize it. What made them stand out is the fact they choose their items properly. They don’t accept everything you sell them. It really depends on the appraiser if he/she thinks your item fits their market. To give you an idea on what kind of items they sell, here are some of the items they have in store.
Inside those tables are displays of branded items you may opt to buy. I noticed one vintage Carrera Porsche design sunglass for men. It’s foldable and classy. And I think there was a pair of Tory Burch flats available too.

While waiting for your things to be appraised, you can grab a coffee first.

Every month, they feature one photographer’s collection. This month, it’s all about film shots of life and nature, mostly in black & white. These photos are for sale too!
Clothes of different styles and brands.
Authentic Dooney & Bourke bag for the ladies. Should I get this… or should you?
You haven’t seen them all. More items at The Appraisery! So if I were you, go on and check out this new artisan shop. Don’t forget to bring stuff from your closet. I know it’s hard to let go but I think you should. They might notice and love your stuff plus you might be able to have it appraised and sell them at The Appraisery.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout 

OLD Location: 8 Annapolis St. San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

**NEW Location: Cubao Expo, 1109 Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: PHP200++

Food 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 9/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8/10