Chef Tatung, a hidden gem inside DMCI Acacia Estates, found its new home to serve the Filipino market. I define Chef Tatung as a hidden gem based on my experience. I would never expect a fine dining restaurant to be situated inside the compound of DMCI Acacia Estates. My knowledge of Acacia Estates was so little that I thought it was just a large area with houses and condominiums from DMCI.
To build a restaurant in the middle of homes probably influenced the restaurant to feel like home as well. As I entered Acacia Estates and see Chef Tatung, I automatically thought of it as a private dating spot for couples. Part of it must be caused by the landscape, wooden tables & chairs plus lightings. It looked like a clubhouse turned to a homey restaurant. Other than that, the place seemed to me like a romantic modern Filipino home.
Later on, I will show you more photos of what’s inside Chef Tatung’s house restaurant.
Chicken Sisig Lettuce Wraps
Rate: 4/5
Before I talk about the place, I’d like to start off with the food I had. I had a wrong judgement when I found out that the dish is sisig lettuce wraps. The word chicken slipped off my ear. Knowing that it was chicken, I was not that interested to try it out. But then, I heard from the table that it is made of chicken and not pork, I suddenly became more interested. On top of sliced lettuce were minced grilled chicken, onions, green chili, and lastly topped with taro chips. That alone was already a complete appetizer. What’s amazing is that complete can be incomplete without its sauce. Sweet mango sauce makes the sisig lettuce wraps even better.
Shrimp & Vegetable Okoy
Rate: 3/5
From what I remember, Okoy I eat from random Filipino places include tiny shrimps, which you could munch easily. Driving away from average okoy you get out there, Chef Tatung’s version is the enlarged version of Okoy I know. Deep-fried shrimps were not really easy to munch since the shrimps were bigger. Paired with vinegar dip, seems to be an ideal snack in a Filipino setting like this.
Fish Kinilaw
Rate: 3/5
Described as bite-sized chunks of fresh (raw) tanguige or tuna, marinated in native vinegar then tossed with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. I call it as the Filipino’s sashimi salad. (Just a side note, Salmon Sashimi still prevails in my heart!)
Pokipoki Gratin
Rate: 5/5
First look, I know I would love it! That baked and cheesy texture captured my eyes and heart in a snap. According to Chef Tatung, it is an Ilocano classic updated for modern diners. Made up of layers of grilled eggplant mixed with egg, tomato and Vigan longganisa then slathered in carabao mozzarella cheese. Sounds and tastes yummy!
Seafood Gising Gising
Rate: 4/5
Seafood and mixed vegetables all in one plate with spicy and creamy coconut sauce. This is the Bicol Express for those who don’t eat pork.
Kalderetang Kambing with Queso De Bola
Rate: 4/5
It’s noticeable how rich all the flavors are in this plate. The strong taste of tomatoes, goat and queso de bola all complemented each other. The important factor for me was how tender the goat meat was.
Honey Glazed Slow Roasted Lechon
Rate: 5/5
The award goes to this porky dish! Everyone drooled over Chef Tatung’s lechon. The picture itself speaks of how it is fatty, juicy and obvously not cholesterol-free. Honey-glaze sauce and mouthwatering pork meat give the pork dish an edge over others.
Tatung’s Fried Rice
Rate: 4/5
Filipino version of Yang Chow Fried rice. Hehe. It is loaded with shrimp, vegetables, peanuts, egg, and spring onions.
Warm Tsoknut Chocolate Cake
Rate: 3/5
Pichi-Pichi with Queso De Bola
Rate: 5/5
A favorite at Chef Tatung! Pandan-flavored cassava dumplings covered with custard sauce and Quezo de Bola brulee. Completes the entire Chef Tatung experience.
Thank you Chef Tatung for accommodating us! It is a pleasure meeting you! 🙂
Ancestral home vibe inside the vicinity. Old collections and memorabilia, the sight of how Chef Tatung looks like. Visualize wooden furnitures, sculptures, old paintings, furnitures and art pieces made of local products, all gathered in one room that resulted this.
Such a privilege to see this new gem hidden inside Acacia Estates just a week after it was open to the public.
Being romantic and serene, the kind of ambiance Chef Tatung creates when you step out and check the garden.
If you value romance, privacy and yummy Pinoy food, this is the restaurant for you. Chef Tatung is best for occasions you wish to celebrate like birthdays, anniversaries, company parties, engagement parties, etc.
There’s so much to discover in our beautiful country. And one of the restaurants you should visit is this modern Filipino restaurant, Chef Tatung @ Taguig.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: Molave Lane, Acacia Estates, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours: 11am-11pm
Contact: (+632) 661-7703
Budget: PHP700++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 10/10
Service 9/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 9/10