Things can get rough and tough while at the city. With the traffic lights of red, green and yellow/orange, you can either get caught in the middle on red or rush all the way on green. The Manila traffic, especially major streets in the metro, could really add up to the stress you have. Given that, you tell this to yourself, “I need a break”.
One Sunday, I got the break I needed. My family and I drove all the way to the core of Tagaytay to visit Massimo’s Farm. It took us more or less 3 hours on the road. Not because the farm was too far, but because we were navigated to wrong directions. That was a challenging trip actually. We felt like a part of The Amazing Race while finding our way to Massimo’s Farm. To cut to the chase, we finally made our way and arrived safely to Massimo’s Farm.

The long drive trip to Massimo’s Farm was worth our time. By just looking at the beautiful green environment that welcomed us, we felt at peace and relaxed. Oh nature, you are too marvelous to look at. Ang sarap lang mag-chill, lie on the grass while listening to good music. #goodvibes
Food was served when we reached the farm. The European-educated chef, Hazel Lu-Galvez prepared every dish specially for us. 
It was a long trip, surely my stomach grumbled and longed for food. My tummy was filled with joy when it first entertained this flavorful Risotto Primavera. This yummy risotto is made of zucca, zucchini, green beans, green peas, herbs and wild rockets. You can taste the freshness of every ingredient on it.

Pasta ai Salsa Cruda was much appreciated for a guilt-free eating. Italian dish full of tomatoes, at the peak of their flavor, gave me that summer taste. I didn’t need to add any other condiment to spice up the pasta. The herbs and tomatoes stand alone to meet my healthy and yummy cravings. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Ganache Cake – Would you believe that this cake is healthy? Whether you believe it or not, it is indeed healthy. No eggs were used to make this luscious moist chocolate cake. Pure goodness stored in every bite you make. I couldn’t get enough after my first bite. 
Mango and Coffee Crunch Cake – I never thought my mom would eat this mango cake. She is one of the few I know who hates yellow or ripe mangoes. It came to my surprise when she got a slice of Mango and Coffee Crunch cake for herself. After trying it, she enticed me to get for myself. I tried to taste and then I found out why she got it. Well, she has the taste. That piece of cake is freaking refreshing to the mouth! Figuratively speaking, feels like eating summer. The combination of coffee and fresh ripe mangoes with the soft texture of its cake made me go back to the buffet table and get another slice. 
Homemade Pandan Ice Cream was appropriate to the bright and sunny weather of Tagaytay at that time. The afternoon sun forced us to go crazy over ice cream. I absolutely love how Chef Hazel made this ice cream. I thought it was a branded or imported ice cream, only to find out it was homemade. 
Smiling because of the yummy and healthy food from Massimo’s Farm. This is exactly the kind of break I was planning for myself. Not too far from the busy city of traffic lights, yet feels like more than a thousand miles away as I breathe through fresh air coming from nature. Feeling fresh na fresh! 
We didn’t want to burn our faces so we waited for the sun to come down a little before touring the 2-hectare farm. 
Joe Josue took us on a short field trip around Massimo’s Farm. One hospitable guy out there who never stopped answering our unending questions. 🙂 
Joe gave an exclusive peek on future plans for the 2-hectare farm. For now, the farm includes a trinket shop, an ad hoc kitchen, and bed-&-breakfast.
Green and lovely. Everything in that garden was planted and beautifully landscaped by Chef Hazel herself. Her love affair with food and gardening simply resulted to this beautiful Massimo’s Farm. 

So who is Massimo
Here he is! Meet Massimo, the son of Chef Hazel, who owns the farm by his name alone. 🙂
Massimo’s Farm is a venue for events such as weddings, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, pictorials, engagement parties, etc. 
If you are on the romantic side, you can visit Massimo’s Farm with your lover. Simply spend one afternoon over delicious dishes you can order from Chef Hazel’s set menu. For early birds, might as well try their bed-&-breakfast. 
Vegetarian cupcake for take home. 🙂
If you love nature, healthy & yummy food, and privacy, try fuelling up and drive all the way to Massimo’s Farm
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: J. Toledo’s St., Silang Cavite (Tagaytay)
Contact #: (+632) 917-5208887
Budget: PHP800++ (set menu)
Rate: 8/10