What’s NEW in Manang’s Chicken
Few weeks ago, Manang’s Chicken launched their newest product – Velvet Sundae. As Manang’s put into their words, it is “a symphony of moist velvety cake and fudge-covered vanilla ice cream in every bite.”
The launch was held at their Tomas Morato branch, one of the busiest branches they have. 
Guests munched on Manang’s Chips & Dips while waiting for the actual event to start. According to Manang’s, they wanted to create french fries as part of their sides. Unfortunately, they couldn’t beat Mcdonald’s fries so they intentionally created a similar appetizer that is actually more healthy and appetizing for me. All-natural potato chips freshly fried to achieve that golden look. This is a personal favorite! I really recommend Manang’s Chips & Dips for you foodies. (Sauce: Garlic Mayo and/or Creamy Cheese)
Jill Borja shared the successful history and future plans of Manang’s Chicken
A new product of Manang’s Chicken every chicken lover will absolutely crave for…
The Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich! 
Guys and girls, since summer is over, you can now EAT!!!
This is Manang’s version of KFC’s Zinger sandwich. Using their very own Manang’s Chicken recipe, they created this huge chicken sandwich meal that can satisfy you at a very reasonable price. Just look at the crunchy chicken fillet in between those soft buns, don’t you just want to take a bite on those? 
Solo Meal – Php 109
Sandwich w/ Reg. Chips and Drink – Php 135 
Before Jill introduced their latest dessert product, Manang’s prepared a game for us. Technically, just for 3 people. We were just spectators. 
3 volunteers joined the “Make your own Velvet Sundae” game. 
Jill gave us a sample on how to properly place the sundae on top of the hot and moist velvet cake.
One of the volunteers gave it a shot.
Here are the 3 entries. What is your pick?
 The winner! 🙂 
After the game, we all had the chance to try the latest dessert, Velvet Sundae. Let me tell you, it’s not the typical sundae you know of. This sundae has a taste of heaven inside. The velvety cake tastes so fresh like it just got out of the oven.
Plus, I like Manang’s idea of turning something expensive into something affordable. Making fine dining desserts available to us at a very reasonable price…
For Php 45 ONLY

Time to go to the nearest Manang’s Chicken.
Grab your chips, sandwich and sundae! Get your everyday food with a twist at Manang’s Chicken! 🙂

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

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