The family does not normally go to Trinoma on a Sunday. One Sunday, dad drove all the way from Tagaytay to Trinoma for lunch. Mom was wondering why head to Trinoma if we can have lunch somewhere near our house, or somewhere along the road from Tagaytay. Everyone was silent. Well, she totally forgot it was Mother’s Day that day. 
I had the privilege to bring my family and try one of the newest authentic Japanese restaurants in Trinoma. I thought it was the best time to pay Trinoma a visit since the last time we visited Trinoma was more than 2 years ago. Thanks to my friend, Charles, for inviting us to try Ramen X
Yoshi’s Ramen (Php 159)
Rate: 4/5
Dad is always the judge when we speak of ramen. I can still remember the days when he used to take us to Ramen Tei, one of his favorites around our area. I believe him when he says that the ramen is good. Good may be an overused word, yet it has different meanings depending on the tone he uses. When I asked him if the ramen is ‘good’, he answered back with a long ‘gooood’. That means, he loved Yoshi’s Ramen. We all love the flavor and Chinese-style wheat noodles used so we asked for more soup added to the ramen bowl. 
Spicy Chikuwa 7 Ramen (Php 129)
Rate: 4/5
Less toppings compared to the first ramen I tasted. A swift taste of spiciness as you try their soup. I like the simplicity of this ramen. It may not be too colorful or loaded as the other one yet the flavor is rich enough to cover that up. Generous amount of serving for its reasonable price. 
Karaage (Php 59)
Rate: 4/5
How affordable can you get? The price of this karaage doesn’t define its taste. The marinade is could be considered more than satisfactory, which fits the crunchy texture of the meat. Its supposed to be an appetizer but I think guys would like to order rice to partner wit it. Two thumbs up for their low-priced Karaage! 
Minced Pork Rice Bowl (Php 99)
Rate: 3/5
Gyudon (Php 99)
Rate: 3/5
Too much onions for me. Starting the meal with ramen didn’t make me crave for rice anymore. Plus, their Gyudon was a bit bland. Or maybe their ramen was really flavorful that’s why I found their Gyudon so ordinary. 
Soda (Php 50)
Peach Soda, Yogurt Soda and Green Apple Soda – Have you ever tried any of these? If not yet, I think it’s about time! 
Ranking the three of them from first to last, Green Apple Soda is ranked number one. In my opinion, green apple flavor complements soda mixture, which suits my taste. You can also choose to get Green Apple Float (Php 90) if you want to turn your drink into a dessert at the same time. Second on my list, I choose Yogurt Soda. Sprite drinkers could find little difference between sprite and this Yogurt Soda. You would actually forget the sour flavor of yogurt as you try this drink. Last on my list is Peach Soda. I don’t order peach drinks that much. I’d say it’s not my type of drink. Period. 
Line up at the counter and order your meal. Don’t hesitate to ask their courteous servers to assist you. I’ve seen how warm and attentive they are to their customers. 
Modern interiors with a Japanese touch. Well-designed place for your friends or family to hang out and eat out. 

Their big servings and affordable prices made a mark to me. The image of Ramen X from the outside made me feel like entering a modern restaurant with meals ranging from 250++. I was seriously surprised that Ramen X serves authentic ramen at a very budget-friendly price. You can now get quality Japanese food without risking your budget. 
I believe I picked the right restaurant for my picky mom. 😀 
For those who are asking, I am using a Canon 60 D. 🙂 
So that was a part of Mother’s Day for us. How was yours? 🙂 

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: 2/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave. cor. Mindanao Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 
Contact: (+632) 628-1603


Budget: PHP150++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10