Touchdown Macau.
Thinking that the weather in Macau wouldn’t freeze me to death unlike in Australia, I wore a simple summer dress. I also brought a scarf with me so in case I feel really cold, I’d cover my arms to give me warmth. Unfortunately, I underestimated the weather in Macau. My idea of wearing this cute summer dress below didn’t last long. 
 Immediately after going out of the airport, the skirt of my free-flowing dress winged its way to the air. 😐 Thank goodness my family was there beside me. Mom, dad and Reine rescued my flying skirt right away. Dad hastily opened the luggage to put out my trench coat. Whew! That saved me. What a blowy welcome to Macau! :))
 We didn’t wait that long outside the airport for our service from Galaxy Hotel was ready to pick us up. 

 It took only 5-10 minute drive from the airport to our first hotel for our first night. Later in another post, I’ll show you our second hotel for our second night. 
 Here we are, outside our bongga hotel! 
  These lights fascinated me! 
 What a majestic lobby! Always leave your cameras turned on when you’re in Galaxy Hotel. Every area is a picture perfect spot. Pang-photoshoot lahat! 
 It was very timely for us to watch the gigantic diamond come out from that technicolored fountain. 
After checking-in, the family proceeded straight to the room. Upon entering, guess what I noticed first…
 ..The bathroom! In any place I go, the restroom/bathroom is the first thing I check. I’m very particular with the bathroom more than the bedroom itself. Do you girls have the same mentality too? Or ako lang weird? Haha! 
 This is the other side of the lobby. 

 My favorite wall in that hotel, Peacock-like wall design.

 Wearing a gown in Macau isn’t odd. Haha! Loving the gowns of these ladies walking around the hotel lobby. That animal printed gown is more likely my bet! 
 At night, the hotel looks more alluring. I wanna live in Galaxy Hotel!!! 
 We tried to check out the pool area, where they have a wide wave pool. Who in the world can swim with that freezing weather?! 
 Such strong winds were storming our hair to our faces. Couldn’t imagine swimming with that kind of weather! 
 My new friend, the heater outside the hotel. 
 So far, Galaxy Hotel is my favorite hotel! It’s like SM, they’ve got it all for you! 🙂
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout