On our first night, we rode the free shuttle of Galaxy Hotel to the downtown. Almost identical to our 5-10 minute drive from the airport to Galaxy Hotel, going to the downtown area from our hotel took us about 10 minutes. The number one agenda as soon as we reach the downtown was to look for a restaurant! I wanted to eat in an authentic Portugese restaurant but we weren’t able to find one easily. Settled for whatever we see first since our tummies were seriously grumbling. The first restaurant that caught our attention was Good Fortune Noodle. 
Shrimp Dumplings in Soup ($ 33) – Freezing while walking down the streets of Macau made us order a bowl of steaming dumplings soup. As soon as the bowl of soup was served, we grabbed our soup spoons and sip before it gets cold. We were right to do that because after several minutes, the hot flavorful soup lost its purpose of warming us. 
Deep-fried Shrimp Wonton ($ 60) – This is what you call, authentic! One of the best places to order crispy shrimp wonton is in Macau. Perfectly made shrimp wonton with its prime crispy texture and fresh shrimps as its filling. My shrimp wonton standard raised the bar because of this. 
Everyone on the table couldn’t stop placing their chopsticks on the shrimp wonton plate. It’s unstoppable!!! 
Stir-fried Prawn with Sichuan Sauce ($ 85) – Mom’s choice of ordering this. She’s usually attracted to sichuan-sauced dishes when we land on Chinese restaurants. I didn’t dig their sichuan too much since I was more focused on enjoying my shrimp wonton. Spicy sauce was not my craving that night.
Crispy Lemon Chicken ($ 60) – Lemon sauce is more fluid than other lemon chicken dishes I’ve tried. I thought it wasn’t going to work out. After getting a piece of chicken and sauce on my rice, I said to myself, “unbelievable, it’s goood!” Dipping the crispy chicken on its lemon sauce somehow hypnotized us to forget other lemon chicken dishes we’ve tried. Yes, that’s how delicious their lemon chicken is. 
Iced Red Bean Drink ($ 25) – Dad was inspired to make for the house after trying this red bean drink. According to him, “we can do this at home!” And he did! Nothing great about their red bean drink since dad can copy the taste. All you need is to remember how it tastes and you can simply make one for the family. (Thanks dad!)
 Happy customers! 🙂
We love how fast their service was. It was a challenge to speak with them, but with the help of their friendly menu, ordering didn’t seem to be a problem. 
The only problem we encountered was on how to teach these servers to take our family photo :-
Fortunately, our first dinner in Macau is remarkable!
Spotted: M & D, HHWWPSSP!!! I mean, Holding Hands While Walking Pa-Sway Sway Pa! 
This is where I bank. 😉 
We all had a love affair with Nestle’s Maxibon Cookie Ice Cream we bought in 7/11. When are they selling that in the Philippines? :-

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout