Hawker sounds so familiar if you have been to Singapore. I automatically figured that 101 Hawker Food House serves Singaporean cuisine from the name itself. When OpenRice invited me to their Eats A Date dinner, a fast reply of Yes came from me. I thought that it was a good chance to bring back the Singaporean dishes I missed since I last visited. 
Roti Prata
Rate: 4/5
 The first dish I tried didn’t upset me. Their yellow curry dip tickled my tongue, wanting for more Singaporean food. While waiting for other dishes, everyone on the table was munching non-stop on these hot roti. I love how versatile their roti is. You can choose to have it as an appetizer or dessert. For dessert, you could ask for a bowl of condensed milk. Both ways, I love ‘em! 
Coffee Spareribs (Php 150)
Rate: 4/5
How in the world can you mix coffee with spareribs?! When Rex Chua of 101 Hawker Food House pointed at the dish and said, “this one’s Coffee Spareribs,” my left eyebrow raised and said “Huh?!” “Coffee, seriously?”. It was the first main dish I was looking forward to try because of that. My curiosity took over me. I was imagining how bad it would taste. As I tried it, my imagination suddenly shut off and instead of eyebrow raising, my mouth went horizontal and widely smiled on how flavorful it was. The coffee sauce was engaging to eat more. 
Salt & Pepper Squid (Php 180)
Rate: 4/5
Simple and typical. You will never go wrong in ordering a dish with salt & pepper plus chili peppers topping it all. This kind of dish is an all-time favorite for me. If you’re on the safer side, not that risky to try dishes like Coffee Spareribs, then Salt & Pepper Squid is for you. 
Cereal Prawns (Php 370)
Rate: 4/5

Localized version of Wee Nam Kee’s Cereal Prawns. These are prawns coated with cereals to make it crunchy on the outer covering.

Why localized? Rex Chua supports our local products. He would rather use Filipino products than import from Singapore, which is a wiser idea. This would make their dishes more affordable for us, Filipinos. The food from 101 Hawker Food House remains the Singaporean flavor and taste but using ‘made in the Philippines’ ingredients. (I agree! Let’s support local businesses!)
Tender Roasted Chicken (Php 160)
Rate: 3/5
Thai Bagoong Rice (Php 150)
Rate: 4/5
What I noticed, generous serving of rice! Asians are known to be rice persons and by getting an order of their Bagoong Rice, you wouldn’t say you’re still hungry after eating. The green mangoes on top made me love it even more. They were thinly sliced and certainly souuuur! 🙂
Char Kway Teow (Php 100/single; Php 170/for 2)
Singapore Laksa (Php 100)
Rate: 4/5
Looks how it tastes. I had a strange feeling that their laksa would be spicy, and I was correct. Although It wasn’t simply spicy since the laksa itself is packed with flavors. After 3-4 spoons, you wouldn’t notice the spice anymore. Its flavor will stick more to your taste buds.

How I wish I tasted their milk tea! 🙁 

Milo Dinosaur (Php 45)
Rate: 4/5
Instead of milk tea, I chose their Milo Dinosaur because I’m a milo dinosaur. Haha! But seriously, I’m a fan of Milo! 🙂 On my first sip, my tongue almost got burned. The bottom part of their milo was hot while the top part was cold with ice. Now I learned you should mix it first before taking a sip. After mixing it properly, I finally appreciated their Milo Dinosaur that tasted exactly like Milo, only with more crunchy powder. Be ready for sugar high after finishing one glass. 
If you are looking for an affordable Singaporean restaurant, don’t hesitate to drive all the way to Makati. 
Immediately after my Singaporean dinner at 101 Hawker Food House, I went straight to Robot to meet my friends from Friday Night Light

I used my remaining GCs from Robot, given to me during Ernville Album Launch

We pray and we eat together. Foodies, meet my beautiful friends. (Mike, Rob, Ces, Glenys, Rache, Angel and Glenn) 
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Have a Blessed and Holy Week foodies! 🙂 

Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout

Location: 101 Urban Ave. Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours: 6:00am-10:00pm (Mon-Fri); 6:00am-2:00pm (Saturday)

Website: http://www.101hawkerfoodhouse.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/101-Hawker-Food-House/100357673346288

Budget: PHP150++

Food 8/10
Ambiance 7/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8/10