One Sunday, my fam bam took a short trip to the south for series of random events. First stop, we headed to Sta. Rosa Laguna for an event held in South Forbes. Later, I’ll show you snapshots of what our family did there. Second stop, mom picked up her friends in Westgrove. Third stop, Tagaytay to unwind and drive around. Last stop, we had to make sure that our tummies are stuffed with good food by having dinner at Buffalo Wings N’ Things.
How do you like your Wings?
Buffalo Wings N’ Things gives you variants of how you want your wings to be done. 7 signature Buffalo Wing sauces available for you. 
For the spicy eaters: The Rookie (mild spicy); New York’s Finest (spicy); Firehouse Classic (extra spicy)
For those who dares: Nuclear (extremely spicy) & Arnageddon (Deadly spicy)
For Non-Spicy eaters: Garlic Paremesan & Honey BBQ
Champion Buffalo Wings (1/2 Pound – Php 134, 1 Pound – Php 264, Triple Sampler – Php 394) – We chose to grab Triple Sampler, wherein we could choose 3 types of sauces for our wings. Every single person on our table loves spicy foods. Thus, we chose all types of spicy sauces except the extreme ones. We had The Rookie, New York’s Finest and Firehouse Classic. 
Eating their chicken wings without any dips is the way to go. Served hot and flavored hot, 2 characteristics as unified together creates that delicious flavored hot wings. Underneath the spicy sauces is that crispy chicken skin and juicy-licious chicken meat. Sarap to the bones! 
Three baskets for three flavors. After eating one of each, I felt that my tongue is ready for the 2 extremely spicy flavors. Next time I go back, I’ll order Nuclear and Armageddon to test my capabilities. 
Tortilla Chips & Queso (Php 124) – Thinner and crispier than nacho chips. Cheese dressing tasted like Cheese Whiz with mexican spices. Thick cheese partnered with thin tortillas, now my preference over nacho chips. 
Mini Cheeseburgers (Php 169) – On a diet but still craving for burgers? Shift to mini burgers and share with your friends. These 3 mini cheeseburgers are as good as one big burger. If you are ordering chicken wings as well, better not to stuff yourself with burgers. Mini bites or 1/3 of these burgers for me is enough to really savor the flavor and taste.
Griddled Fish with Salsa Ranchero (Php 229) – Seasoned sole fish topped with their very own Salsa Rachero. As you pair it with their java rice, you feel like you want to eat more. By the way, no plain rice available on their menu. This dish was from Chubby’s Rib Shack right beside Buffalo Wings N’ Things where you can also order since it is under one management. 
NY Cheesecake Ice Cream (Php 84) – Thanks to Bill of Buffalo Wings N’ Things for serving us their Cheesecake Ice Cream. Our wings experience wouldn’t be complete without ending the dinner with their incredibly delicious Cheesecake Ice Cream. The graham bits covering the ice cream achieved a crunchy texture. It improved a simple smooth ice cream texture by making it lusciously good. Blueberry syrup on top completed the dessert. Promise me you’ll get one when you visit Buffalo Wings N’ Things! 🙂 
Staying outside doesn’t make a big difference. The natural cool breeze of Nuvali area somehow gives a cooler vibe, better than staying inside an air conditioned room. 

Mabuhay to Bill of Buffalo Wings N’ Things
So here are our photos at South Forbes
Wall climbing for grown ups and inflatable play area for the little ones. I wanted to play with both, but I was wearing a dress. 🙁 Maaan, I didn’t know about the wall climbing facility! 🙁 Wished I climbed like a monkey there!!! Agghhhh! 
Due to my wrong outfit, the only adventurous thing I did was to shoot with dad. 🙁 I super regret wearing a girly dress. 

The strong breeze was my enemy for a moment. Seriously a wrong move to wear my Sunday dress on a Sunday. 

Pray Eat and Love. 
The Food Scout 

Location: Solenad 2, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines
Budget: PHP250++

Food 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8.25/10