Shopping and food, two main factors to consider whenever our family picks a place on where to go. Other than being adventurous as a family, we also have our relaxed weekends. On these relaxed weekends, we choose to be either at home, watching the television together or spending our time at our favorite malls. 
Greenbelt 5 is probably part of our Top 5 favorite malls, due to the two main factors we consider. Our favorite clothing brands are found in Greenbelt 5. Plus, various restaurants of different cuisines to choose from. 
One evening after going to an event, I met up with my family in Greenbelt 5 for dinner. The craving for that night was purely Asian. Oh, except for dad who was craving for KFC Chicken and Chicken Joy from Jollibee. Haha! We had a family poll to put things in order. As usual, the girls won. 3-1, can I just say! Hahaha! I’m sorry Dad, you can eat your KFC or Chicken Joy some other time. :p My choice, Mango Tree Bistro was proclaimed the winner! 😀
During the time we visited Mango Tree Bistro, the room was not full and crowded. Not what I expected for a Greenbelt 5 restaurant. For me, it’s the kind of ambiance I prefer. I really enjoy eating this way. 
Peekgai Thod (Php 250) – I told you earlier that dad was craving for chicken, specifically KFC or Chicken Joy. Hence, he ordered chicken in Mango Tree Bistro. Thai deep fried chicken wings with chili and sticky rice. The dish wasn’t exactly what dad was hoping for. Although upon trying it, he liked the twist of using sticky rice and adding chili sauce to put some Thai taste to the dish. 
Panang Gai (Php 350) – Legitimate Thai dish; chicken fillet in red curry sauce and julienne of kaffir lime leaves. FYI, Kaffir lime leaves are commonly used in Asian cuisine, most especially Thai dishes. The aroma and citrus flavor of the leaves add goodness to the curry. 
Grapow Talay (Php 320) – Stir fried seafood with garlic, fresh hot basil and red chili pepper. Enough amount of sauce didn’t drown the seafood on the plate. I also observed that they placed a proportionate amount of seafood – shrimps, fish and squid. 
Thod Mun Goong (Php 300) – About 10 years ago, I tell my mom to bring me to Flavors & Spices in Ortigas just for their shrimp pancakes. Glad I found a replacement to that since Flavors & Spices doesn’t exist anymore. Mango Tree Bistro shrimp pancakes met my shrimp pancakes expectations. It is crunchy outside and juicy inside. No other sauce would replace sweet chili sauce with any shrimp pancake. 
Coconut Sherbet (Php 120) 
Bua Loi Puek (Php 150) – A warm dessert that was extra sweet for my taste. Inside Bua Loi Puek are Thai dumplings, Chinese taro and quail eggs. The green color is made out of sweet coco milk. 
Mango Tree Bistro in Greenbelt 5 is a restaurant you could visit for your Asian cravings. I’m recommending Mango Tree Bistro to foodies out there.  
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout 

Location: G/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City, PH
Budget: PHP350++
Rate: 8/10