What is the everyday worry of iPhone users?
If you ask me, the number 1 problem I encounter is the fact that my phone runs out of battery easily. My iPhone 4 serves as my companion wherever I go. I use Twitter, Instagram, Bloomberg, Metro Traffic and more applications the whole day. Often times, I worry about my phone’s battery life because of all the applications I regularly use everyday. 
When Beyond The Box contacted me and told me about Boostcase, I knew it would be good news. I researched about it and felt so excited upon finding out that it’s main function is to extend the battery life of my iPhone! It serves as a portable charger that I can bring wherever I go! 
Boostcase comes with a special snap-on case for you to easily attach the extended battery charger. There are several colors to choose from – orange, black, blue, purple, red, orange, gray, yellow and of course the color I picked, pink. Tickling pink and white color combination looks so fine to me. Click on this, to check out the colors.
A USB cable is included in order for you to charge the extended battery charger. It wouldn’t get battery from nowhere. You also need to charge it using your computer. After charging it, that’s the time you can take the portable charger with you all day, all night.
The snap-on case is made specially for the iPhone portable charger. This serves as a lock to the charger. 
Sleek and chic. Not bulky unlike other portable chargers you buy off the rack. You can either use it with the charger or use it without it. The snap-on case itself can protect your phone from scratches or damages. 
Now I have Boostcase with me, I can say Hakuna Matata! It means “no worries for the rest of the day”.
Are you an iPhone 4/4s user? Then you know you want this! You know you need this! 
Boostcase is available in all Beyond The Box and Digital Hub stores. 
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