Are you doing anything interesting on March 24 or 25?  
If your plans are still unclear, why not march on to the most awaited Foodie Event this March, Best Food Forward 2012?
Best Food Forward 2012 promises to be an affair where everyone can savor the best food in Manila together with your family, close friends, partners or whoever’s special in your life. This event is brought up in order to strengthen family togetherness, to promote entrepreneurship and to simply show everyone that Philippines has a say when you talk about FOOD. It’s a good way for you to appreciate our local delicacies and how talented Filipinos are, especially in cooking. 
If you can’t picture what will happen at the event, let me help you out.
Just imagine NBC Tent jam-packed with F-O-O-D?!? Isn’t that thrilling?
To animate you more, here are some of what you could taste at the food fair:
If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you would know what these drinks are… Butter Beer!!! 
I’ve had more than 4 glasses of butter beer in an hour. It was too addictive! To the adults out there, don’t worry about the little kiddos with you. Butter Beer has 2 variants, alcoholic and non-alcoholic type.
Quantum Cafe believes that food is our best medicine. Their top priority is making their food, especially their pizzas, overly yummy yet healthy for our bodies. Quantum Cafe is known for their whole wheat high fiber pizza. Always served hot and fresh.
I personally like their vegetarian pizzas. No bland taste despite the word vegetarian attached to its label. They are all cheesy on its thin crust. 
If you are a bazaar freak, Simply Pie is not a stranger to you. Mini pies like Mini Quiche Spinach, Feta and Sundried Tomatoes, Mini Quiche Lorraine and Mini Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiche are the favorites. 
The Fruit Garden, which I blogged last year, will also showcase their new flavors like mango jackfruit, durian, guava and more. These luxury jams can usually be found in five-star hotels. Now, you have access to get for your homes and try it for your family. Aside from the luxurious taste, what I love about these jams is the container. They’re so cute! Great for gifts too! 🙂
If you know Mercato, then you should know Manang’s Chicken. As we all know, Manang’s Chicken is one of the businesses last year that shined through bazaars.
Hmm… Do I need more explanation about Manang’s? Just check out my post about Manang’s Chicken in Mercato and my post about their the chicken eating contest held in their Katipunan branch to know more. 
The deadly snack you can find in Best Food Forward. That’s major crispy pork belly right there! Say goodbye to diet muna if you want to eat that :p Oh, and check your blood pressure after ok? Just for health purposes. 🙂 

 SkewU Skews & Sizzlers’ peanut sauce is on the top list of what you should try. It makes you want to eat more kebabs and rice.

 Now for desserts… Choco ATBP is a proudly Filipino made desserts. Cacao, the special ingredient, achieves a Lindt-like chocolate taste. Strong, dark, thick and rich! 
A scoop of Pint Homemade Ice Cream is not enough. I couldn’t resist getting more than one scoop of their Lindt Dark Chocolate. Tastes expensive yet affordable. They also have other delicious flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Butterscotch and more! 
Do you love Chocnut? I do!!! You will get to taste that light and layered chocolate mousse cake with chocnut on top at the food fair from Casa San Luis.

A random photo of a Squirrel. Indeed, this is legit! Squirrel in the Philippines. That squirrel caught everyone’s attention in Magallanes Village. It’s really more fun in the Philippines. Full of surprises! 😉
Be at Best Food Forward this March 24-25. The event will be held in NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City.
For more information, visit their website –
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout