Exhausted and hungry, 2 adjectives to describe how we felt after leaving the party at Baseline in Cebu. “Kaon ta?”, 2 bisaya words to express ourselves. The crazy street party extracted our energy for so many reasons. It was a day full of dancing, singing, shouting, painting faces and more. I’ll be sharing some of our street party photos in a separate blog post. Immediately after all the crazy partying, the only thing we could think of was to eat something delicious to sum up our epic Sinulog trip. 
Fortunately, Blue Elephant, a Thai restaurant that also serves selected Filipino dishes, did not disappoint our hungry tummies. Just a heads up, I was too busy eating and chitchatting with my lovely friends. With that said, I forgot to take down the prices of our orders 🙁 Although I still know the budget each person should at least have to dine in Blue Elephant.
Manga-on ta! Let me show you our orders:
Crispy Mini Chicken Wings – Right choice to order these chicken wings. You’ll never go wrong in ordering chicken wings after a tiring party. This comfort food was crunchy and meaty. One order was good for 2-3 persons. 
Sizzling Sisig – My friends enjoyed the sizzling plate of pork sisig. Not because they were so hungry that night. While listening to their comments, I conclude that this dish satisfied their cravings. 
Thai Bagoong Rice – Vero and I shared this plate of bagoong rice. The bagoong was distinctive, of course. Without any main course, the rice alone can stand on its own. 
Thai Roti – Abi’s favorite in Blue Elephant. I remembered my India trip when I tasted their Roti. It had the same texture, with almost the same taste, except for the aroma. There wasn’t any Indian aroma, which is better for me. 
Peanut Sauce (for the Thai Roti) – I expected the sauce to be a little spicy but it wasn’t. The Roti alone was dull. I strongly suggest you dip it in its peanut sauce. 
Meet 2 of my Cebu dinner-mates, Abi and Vero.
Sandwiched between the 2 Nicoles! 

So, Blue Elephant was where I had my last meal I had in Cebu. Nalipay ko 
Maraming Salamat Cebu! I am definitely going back for more food scouting! 🙂 
See you soon, CEBU! 
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F, The Walk, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
Budget: PHP250++
Rate: 8.5/10