Once you experience Sinulog street party, your standards of a fantastic party will be set in a different level. 
The last day of my Cebu trip proved me once again that Cebuanos know how to throw an epic ‘party’. 
Here are selected photos of our Sinulog street party experience.
We woke up to these people outside our hotel. Before having breakfast, Nicole and I watched the Cebuanos dance wearing their native costumes. The tribal beat made us rush to wear the street party was. Right after having breakfast, we fixed up ourselves and went straight to Baseline. 
On the way to Baseline. Nicole looked fresh and clean! 
Thank you to Kaz of Rhipstop Soul Clothing for Sinulog my tumbler with unlimited drinks. 
This is the start of our rocking party in Cebu! Manila friends brought the party to Cebu! 
Faces filled with paints, a trademark of Sinulog.

Sinulog party, the main reason why Vero, Abi and I got so hungry for “real” food and ate in Blue Elephant

I had to wear shades for protection, not from the sun. People were throwing drinks all over the place.
GH people – Rhem, CJ and Philip.
Our before-after shot taken with Instagram. (Follow me if you have – thefoodscout)

Another EPIC Cebu Trip, I must say. My weekend wasn’t put into waste. Time spent wisely!!!
My gut feeling says I should go back to Cebu next year for Sinulog 2013. No expectations, but I’m still looking forward to that. (Crossing fingers)
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout