The worst day in any vacation is the last. Saying goodbye to my Singapore vacation trip didn’t bring me any good feeling. I had wishes of staying longer. I had daydreams of extending for a week. I tried to stay positive about coming back to my hometown Manila but my vacation trip was just too short for me. 🙁
Well, back to reality for me. The vacation trip wouldn’t be a vacation if there is no end. So this is it, sharing with you the last day of my relaxing Singapore trip.
Starting my last day with authentic Hainanese Chicken on my plate. Not far from the hainanese chicken of Wee Nam Kee in the Philippines. Remember, never ever leave Singapore without getting this dish!
The sauces of Hainanese Chicken, soy sauce and chili sauce. No photo of the pounded garlic, but you should also add that in your sauce mix.
This is a complementary vegetable dish with the Hainanese Chicken Rice (SGD 5).
The bizarre Singaporean dish my dad ordered called Rojak (SGD 3). Vegetables and fruits mixed together in a very spicy sauce.
This salad is equated to how Singapore in some way. Singapore is a tropical land full of expats and/or different nationalities. Thus, like Rojak, it is mixed of different fruits and veggies covered with very sweet & spicy sauce. A mash up of everything, in other words.
Lucky Plaza, where most Filipinos work in Orchard Road, sells milk tea beverages from Koi Cafe. The long walk got us thirsty for this peark milk tea. A waste of money if you are not in a hurry to get a glass of milk tea. The taste didn’t impress on me at all.
The tower of Ferrero Rocher!
Ate Josie was in the mood to pose when she saw a McDonald’s branch in Singapore.
So, when is H&M coming here to the Philippines?
I strongly support Singapore’s intention to prohibit people from Smoking. The boxes of cigarettes in the Philippines should also look like these Marlboro boxes.
 Like my new camera? Haha! Don’t be deceived.
One of the best buys in Singapore – my new iPhone case! 🙂
So long, farewell Singapore. I’m sure we will see each other again.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout