Right after our Bo’s Coffee experience, Nicole, Brent and I went to the grocery store to purchase pasalubong treats for our loved ones. We were in Cebu, so we just had to buy a basket of Dried Mangoes, with some danggit (dried fish) and Pinakurat vinegar (which was confiscated in the airport. How sad 🙁 ) If you were with us and saw our grocery basket, it looked like we shopped for dried mangoes like there is no more tomorrow. Haha!
Since we didn’t want to carry all the plastic bags with pasalubong treats around Cebu, we walked back to our hotel first, which took us about 5 minutes only, rested for more than an hour and finally hit off Ayala again to have our dinner. What a food trip! Almost everything we had to do for the day dealt with food! 
From my point of view outside the store, I was already attracted to the colorful macarons displayed. The restaurant was not crowded, exactly the kind of place we were looking for. Hence, Nicole and I made a mutual agreement to have our light dinner here in Vanille Cafe & Patisserie
Quiche Florentine (Php 120) – Define light and healthy. Chicken and spinach in creamy filling on pastry crust, served with greens and tomatoes. Good enough for one person. I don’t suggest this order for someone who wants a jam-packed heavy dinner. 
Spinach without cream tastes dull for me. It’s always a good recipe to mix spinach with either cream or cheese. 
Asian Caesar Salad (Php 190) – Nicole’s so-called diet meal. Haha! This was not a starter for her, it was her ‘main’ dish. Shows how full her stomach was that night. In other words, effect of back to back eating at Casa Verde and Bo’s Coffee. 
When I tasted their salad, there was nothing impressive about it. Well maybe one thing to commend is the freshness of their greens. You can feel they are fresh when the greens aren’t dry and still have that crunch when you chew them.
Macarons (Php 40) – This was the focus of our dinner. Indulging in sweet and colorful Macarons gave me a sweet sweet good night. The three flavors in front are Coconut, Peppermint and Hazelnut. I’m a Nutella fan, period. With that said, I appreciated their Hazelnut macarons most. Although I found the Coconut interesting too because of the coconut bits it had on the outer covering of the macarons. It made the texture more fun to eat. The Peppermint had a refreshing taste, the reason why Nicole loved this flavor.
Vanilla and Orange Macarons. If you want to be safe, choose Vanilla. I think people would generally order this flavor. On the contrary, the Orange Macarons wouldn’t be appreciated by everyone. It depends if you are into the sweet with a sour blend type of dessert. Personally, I love their Orange macarons. This makes it to my second favorite, next to Hazelnut. 
I can have macarons in my fridge forever!!! Someone teach me how to make one. Or, better yet give me one 🙂 Haha! 
I would be delighted to go back to Vanille Cafe & Patisserie for their Macarons. This cozy dessert cafe should open a branch in Manila. 

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 2/F The Terraces, Ayala Cebu, Cebu City
Budget: PHP200++
Rate: 8/10