One characteristic foreigners love about us, Filipinos, is our innate hospitable trait. Generally speaking, it’s in our nature to make visitors feel welcome or feel at home. One example is when we have balikbayans or foreign visitors. We exert efforts to make our guests special by touring them around, showing them attractions in the Philippines and making them taste the best cuisine in the world, Filipino food.
Last weekend, I didn’t only feel like a foreigner when I visited one of the branches of Bo’s Coffee in Ayala, Cebu City. I actually felt like a V.I.P. because of the Cebuanos’ warm welcome and hospitable trait. These Cebuanos showed me how Cebuanos are – very accommodating, amiable and fun to be with. 
I’m not a heavy drinker of coffee. When I choose my coffee, I want it to be sweet and aromatic. Bo’s Caffe White Chocolate Mocha is the right kind of coffee for my taste. Timely to get this cup of coffee after our heavy 9-inch burger lunch at Casa Verde.

Some Health Benefits of Coffee:
Helps in weight loss – just eliminate the sugar and cream.
Increases alertness – common knowledge of coffee. One of the reasons why people drink coffee in the morning, to wake up with they eyes opened wide.
Rich in Antioxidants – it prevents high blood pressure and aging in your body.
But.. there are also negative effects of drinking coffee. 
…and more.
So guys, drink coffee responsibly! Too much of something good is not always beneficial to you, which can lead to something bad.
 Keep in mind, Health is Wealth.
Source: Coffee – The Good and The Bad, Health Benefits of Coffee
Bo’s Coffee is not only famous for their proudly Filipino coffee. Cebuanos spend time in Bo’s Coffee because of their dessert selections.
Blueberry Cheesecake that was not ordered from a bakeshop but freshly baked inside Bo’s kitchen. 
This was my favorite, New York Cheesecake. Oh so rich with cheese that can make you fat. Haha! But that fact didn’t stop us from eating this slice of cheesecake. We were tantalized when this piece of cake was served on our table. 
With the hospitable Cebuanos! (Alvin, Brent and Vince) 

I received a limited edition Sinulog mug and super cute Bo’s Coffee Planner. Go to any of their branches and check out their planner. It’s really cute yet classy! Better than getting overrated planners. Hehe.

Oh dear, sweeeeeets! Take a look at those big donuts! (Is that a trend in Cebu, big stuff? Haha! Just like their BIG burger from Casa Verde.) 
Busog!!! My friends couldn’t take any food in their stomachs anymore. Fully satisfied from all the dishes and beverages we had.
Thank you Bo’s Coffee for putting a mark on my Cebu trip. The service was amazing and unforgettable. My friends truly enjoyed chilling in Bo’s Coffee, Cebu.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 2/F The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City (Other branches of Bo’s Coffee)
Budget: PHP 100++
Rate: 9/10