What I like about Singapore is that everything is “walkable”. Riding the cab is not really necessary if you want to explore the city. Singapore is a very small city, which makes it easy to get around. Most especially if you’re in Orchard Road, all you gotta do is feed your eyes with entertainment along the street.
During the 3rd day of our Singapore weekend, we almost explored the city through walking. We only took the train to Marina Bay since it was honestly far. But most of the time, we used our feet to see the fine things in this fine city.
First stop, we went to Zion Riverside Food Centre. That’s where I tasted one of the 10 dishes a tourist can’t afford to miss in Singapore.
Crispy Carrot Cake (SGD 4.00) in Zion Riverside is famous in Singapore. At first glance, everyone would think it’s just a regular omelette you can prepare at home. That’s what I thought too. The presentation didn’t look tasty for me.
But then, when I tasted the carrot cake…Amazeballs! It was gooood! It’s your call, either you eat it with or without rice.
Meet Peter Goh, the friendly and talented genius behind the delicious Crispy Carrot Cake.
Use chopsticks when you eat their crispy carrot cake.
Foreigners wait in line just to get a plate of this yummy Singaporean favorite.
After eating, we rode the train to Marina Bay.
We simply enjoyed this magnificent view! 🙂 <3
Ops! Someone’s emo. Haha! Kidding, Reine 😀
Both of them wanted a picture with that igloo made of Christmas balls.
Merlion Park, Singapore (It is Singapore’s version of our Luneta Park! Hahaha!)
When I saw this restaurant, Thai Express, in one of the malls near the train station, I didn’t think anymore. We were all hungry so might as well go in and eat.
Kanom Pang Na Kung (SGD 7.90) – Also known as Prawn Toast, in english. According to the them, this is a favorite of a young thai prince and princess. This dish is helpful to keep royal children quiet.
For me, it’s crispy texture made it delectable. Although I was not adored by the totality since I didn’t taste the prawn that much.
Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong – An award winning dessert that must be tasted when you visit Thai Express. A cooling dessert that is not extra sweet. Coconut milk filled the glass, together with hand-made silky-smooth chendol strains. A sweet ender for our tiring escapade in Singapore.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout