The Art of Pastry in Enderun, my previous post, didn’t end in an instant after Chef Franck Geuffroy’s demo. FYI, that was only the first half of the entire program prepared for us. Right after watching Chef Franck, the program continued as we were asked to proceed to Restaurant 101 for our lunch. 
Back at Restaurant 101, I reminisced together with other bloggers about our experience during the Discover Cuisine Bloggers Event, which happened a few months ago, wherein we sat at the exact same table. We chose the long table once again for our big group to fit in. Since it was our second time to visit Restaurant 101 as a group, we couldn’t help but to share some insights on our comparison between what we had back in May and what we were having the 2nd time around.
The dishes served to us weren’t found on the menu. I tried to look for them online also, but I was unlucky to find the name and prices of these dishes. So anyway, let me show you photos of our lunch set:

The same complimentary bread as our lunch before.
Chicken Breast with Mashes Potatoes topped with mozzarella cheese. I’d love it if they would add more sauce (gravy-like) on the chicken. Or they should have served us a bowl of sauce, since we all loved how the chicken sauce was prepared. 

After an hour of lunch, they took us on a short tour around the kitchen to see how the students prepare candies and everything sweet.
I didn’t know what kind of dessert that was. It was right inside the oven and I was attracted to its colors so I took a shot of it.

This is what we all have been waiting for — the PASTRY BUFFET!!! No limitations at all. We all grabbed our plates and lined up patiently to have our turn to get a try of ALL the desserts prepared for us. I was truly fascinated seeing a long table of high-quality pastries! @[email protected] YUMMMMYYYYY!!! 

Can I just take you home with me, Louis XV? 🙁 My favorite Restaurant 101 dessert!!! 
My new discovery, Citrus Entremet! Another unique invention of Chef Franck using the freshness of citrus (calamansi) as his main ingredient. The other ingredients are the following: coconut mousse and white chocolate with brownie. It’s actually my second favorite next to Louis XV.
Thank you Chef Franck for coming to the Philippines. We are privileged to have you in our country to be able to teach aspiring Filipino Pastry chefs the skills, the techniques and the knowledge they need. We are looking forward to more of your sweet experiments and of course, get a taste of them, just like in this Pastry buffet.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout