Waking up early on a Saturday morning is not usual for me. Saturday is the only day I can turn off my alarm clock and have a long straight 10-hour sleep at the least. This Saturday was a different set-up for me. Despite being scheduled to step out of my comfort zone, I woke up early like a weekday without any complaints. If you were in my position knowing that you’ll be attending an event full of sweets, you’ll surely be as enthusiastic as I am. I didn’t feel bothered and harassed despite the time. So what am I talking about? Again, I went back to Enderun for another mouthwatering food event.
October 1, 2011 – The first day of October started so well with me. L’art de la Patisserie or The Art of Pastry gave my October a ‘sweet’ welcome.
I was given the chance to watch one of the world’s top Pastry Chef from Alain Ducasse Formacion in France, Franck Geuffroy. He was such an inspiration as he shared to us how he reached his dream to be a chef. Back in college, he became a working student and that was the time when he persevered because of his passion for cooking. He didn’t stop to reach his goals, with a simple dream to become a chef.
Now, Enderun is privileged to have the talented Chef Franck and have him teach pastry courses in the school. Just so you know, Enderun is now offering various culinary courses and that includes a 3-month Pastry Arts Certificate, which will begin in November 2011. For more information, visit their website.

I got a feel of what to expect in one of Chef Franck’s classes when he teaches the Pastry course in Enderun. As a student, you will learn not only the basics in pastry cooking but certain advanced and traditional techniques on using chocolate and sugar will be surely taught. 
One of the techniques I learned is how to prune the sugar candy. You have to be meticulous in being a pastry chef. Details are important as well. As seen in the photo above, Chef Franck pulls the candy not for show, but to make it shiny. The more you pull, the more it would be glossy.

That chocolate tower was made with pure chocolates, including the base with colorful design. Enderun uses the best of the best ingredients. Keeping in mind that quality is important, Valhrona, top chocolate brand, is now in partnership with ADF and Enderun as the supplier of their chocolates. When you speak of world class chocolates, I believe Valhrona is the word for it. You won’t go wrong with taste when Valhrona is being used. 

The result of Chef Franck’s Pastry Art demonstration. He added some candy art decorations to give life to the pure chocolate tower.
While watching Chef Franck create his masterpieces, we were given candy samples, which were freshly made.
My favorite candies at that time! Fruity caramel candies: salted butter caramel and coconut candy – silky, rich with butter, the bittersweet edge of deep caramel tempered with a hint of salt and the freshness of fruit; and passion fruit and and mango caramel candy – the freshness of fruits and lusciousness of caramel combined. Both were unbelievably gooooood!!! 
I can say now that I’ve tasted one of the best marshmallows in the world! I seriously adored this soft and flavorful citrus marshmallows made by Chef Franck. Highly addictive!!! Everyone in that room wanted to take home those spongy marshmallows! 
More of the fruity candies passed around. 

He demonstrated traditional French techniques while making Tropezienne.
A little fact about Chef Franck, he shared to us how much he loves to use local ingredients like Coco Jam and Calamansi in making his desserts. 

“The flavor of calamansi is so strong and so fresh. It is a pure gift from nature. And the mangos and pineapples here are so flavorful and sweet that they are so much better than what we can find in France”Chef Franck Geuffroy

Chef Franck showed us how he perfectly layered his creation, the Enderun Cake.
When you enroll in Enderun, you will learn how to make that delicious piece of cake.

Thank you so much Enderun and Nuffnang for this opportunity! My Saturday morning will never be the same again. You filled my stomach and throat with sweetness. 🙂
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout